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Updates 2001

December 27, 2001
3:00 PM EST
Modified the EMAIL UPDATES system to be more user friendly. (Also created the direct /email-updates/ page as a sort of easy-access back-up method.)

December 14, 2001
2:30 PM EST
Added the new article which had been written by Kate Silver (with comentaries and clarifications from this ministry), which was published in the Las Vegas Weekly newspaper on November 22, 2001.
NEWSPAPER Interviews Founder [Las Vegas Weekly].

November 23, 2001
2:30 PM EST
Created a new sub-directory in the Love-Not-Force section, and added it to the navigation-column on the left-side of all the pages on this web-site. Also added this to the "LoveNotForce" site of
To start off this new sub-directory, moved the "Reforming the Reforming" writing (which was formerly in the parent directory) in to this sub-directory, and also added a brand-new writing as well. The new subdirectory is set as follows:
Reforming the Reform
Foreseen "Force-in-Love-Not-Force-Clothing"

November 16, 2001
1:30 PM EST
Created a new web-page, SPECIAL Offers, at the TruthBearer.NET web-site (for Polygamy WebHosting Services). The first offer is:
"Monthly web-hosting charges

November 09, 2001
2:00 PM EST
Modifed the log-in for MEMBERS. Rather than being able to LOG-IN from the form on the right-column of any page at the web-site, this instead uses a link to a LOG-IN page. The new web-page explains the difference between being a financially-supporting TruthBearer MEMBER and participating on the FREE Friends And Fellowhelpers Email Listservs (aka,"FAF"). This new LOG-IN page should make it so much easier and more self-explanatory for all surfers to the site.

November 02, 2001
11:30 AM EST
Added a new page at the end of the online book here at the web-site, "The History and Philosophy of Marriage; Or, Polygamy and Monogamy Compared". The new page provides a grateful link-back to the free "online libraries" which began listing the book with the link to this web-site's URL for the book. The new page is identified as:
*** Online Library Listings ***.

October 25, 2001
6:00 AM EST
Unveiled the new web-site of services from this ministry, TruthBearer.NET. (These web services have actually been provided for the previous year, but without "public announcement" in order to work out all the details first.) Also added the links to this in the navigation-columns. The new sections (so far) are as follows:

     > Web Services
         >  Web Hosting
         >  Site Design
         >  Domain Registration
         >  Email Address

October 05, 2001
12:00 noon EST
Added a new article to the FORCE sub-directory in the Love-Not-Force section.
Beware Foolishness of FORCE
Added this to both domains,    and,
as well as to the navigation-columns.

October 04, 2001
7:00 PM EST
Updated the entire domain of

This will thus make it easier for any one who is wanting to learn from, or to recommend to others, the "love-not-force" writings, as all the site-posted writings will be easily findable at the domain.

September 14, 2001
3:00 PM EST
Created this new section, and added it to the navigation-column on the left-side of all the pages on this web-site. This new section was started with the new Attack on America, 09-11-2001 subdirectory. (Also made a special notice and link on the top page of the entire web-site, to extend this ministry's heart-felt condolences to ---and prayers for--- all who have suffered and are suffering from this horrific attack.)
Responses and Commentaries
Attack on America, 09-11-2001
Hearts and Prayers for the Families
News First Posted
This is "Pearl Harbor" (9/11/01)
In this Time of Terror....(9/12/01)
Bringing Christ's Joy through our Human Tears (9/13/01)

August 31, 2001
12:00 noon EST
As the sentencing for the Utah State trial of Tom Green was handed down on August 24, 2001, a RADIO NEWS WIRE service requested (and was granted) an interview with the Founder of this ministry. The details of the sentencing and the complete transcript of the brief interview are now posted to the MEDIA section.
RADIO NEWS WIRE Interviews Founder After Tom Green Sentencing, 08-24-01.

August 23, 2001
4:00 PM EST
To simply access to the past Site Updates for surfers, created and added the new page,
Site History.
In addition to this new page providing quick and easy access to the URLs for past Site Updates of the web-site, this new page also provides an explanation of how these do serve and have served as a means of keeping an accurate record of things happening in the history of the advance of Christian Polyyamy, such as when new pro-polygamy web-sites first came online, and so forth. Also added the link to this new page in the "At This Site" section in the navigation-column on all the web-pages.

August 10, 2001
2:30 PM EST
Created a new Search section. To start this new directory off, developed and created the exclusive and first polygamy search engine for searching all the entire internet.
Search the Web
Also, added the new section for this in the navigation-column on the left-side of all content web-pages at this entire web-site.

August 03, 2001
11:30 AM EST
Added a new post to the MEDIA section:
OP-ED: "Polygamy, When you think about it...". Posted both the original and the edited version as published.
Media [Directory]
OP-ED: "Polygamy, When you think about it..."
ORIGINAL Version of text [ 06/22/01 ]
Edited Version, "Intellegencer" newspaper, [ 7/12/01 ]

July 30, 2001
3:00 PM EST [ all pages ]
So as to make it easier for surfers to find and use the recommending-features of the site, the following was Added/Modified after the text and expanded-menu-directories that appear on all PAGES of this web-site:

Print This Page Print This Page     Email This Page Email This URL

July 13, 2001
11:30 AM EST
Added a new post to the Love-Not-Force section:
The Vision, first revealed. This writing is the post as it was first revealed and written exactly two years ago today on July 13, 1999.

July 06, 2001
12:30 PM EST
Added a new post to the About This Ministry section:
"Independence Day".

July 06, 2001
10:30 AM EST
Added a new TRUTH Tract to the TRUTH Tracts section:
How Do You Know TRUTH?.

July 05, 2001
4:30 PM EST
Added several new links to the links page,
Your POLYGAMY HomePage.

June 29, 2001
1:00 PM EST
Added another sub-directory in the /love-not-force/ section:
To get it started, moved the "Parable of the Bricks" into it (from previously being "up" one directory-level until now), and also posted three new writings. These all have been added in the navigation column, as well. The new subdirectory is now set as follows:
Parable of the Bricks
Of Strength of Trust (in Marital Intimacy)
Love & Trust / Force & Distrust
That our Word be TRUE

June 22, 2001
10:30 AM EST
Added another important writing to the Covenant Breaking subdirectory in the /love-not-force/ section:
False Self-Justifications.

June 15, 2001
4:00 PM EST
Added a completely new and exciting innovation to the web-site: "Print This Page", as well as added the FAQ in the /site/ directory, to answer any questions about how to use this service. With this exciting new innovation, a person may create printer-ready versions of the content of the web-site. Added the FAQ link in the left-hand navigation column in the "At This Site" section. Added the "Print This Page" link in the right-hand navigation column in the "Tell Your Friends!" section, as well as also added it underneath the main directories as expanded in the content area of all web-pages. May this exciting new innovaiton be a blessing for all in spreading the message of Christian Polygamy.

June 08, 2001
12:30 PM EST
Added another important writing to the /love-not-force/ section:
"Unlocking" the "Gate" to a Wife's Receptiveness".

June 01, 2001
4:00 PM EST
On September 25, 2000, this ministry had been mentioned on Hank Hannegraaf's radio program, "Bible Answer Man". Twice, Hank Hannagraaf, himself, stated that he was familiar with this CHRISTIAN ministry of This new addition to the web-site includes the transcript of that discussion, followed by an analysis.

May 25, 2001
3:00 PM EST
On May 20, 2000, the Founder was interviewed on a radio station in England. The tape of of that is now available. This new page in the MEDIA section also provides a number of good quotes from the interview. This tape is an important tool for us in Christian Polygamy to successfully overcome all the hostile anti-polygamy propaganda that is going to come out of the "baggage" of the Tom Green case.

May 18, 2001
2:30 PM EST
Unveiled yet another new, additional web-site for this ministry,
This additional web-site is for "Unraveling the Tapestry of Anti-Polygamy", using the very high-profile domain name in order to provide people with a way to know what IS and what IS not an issue related to actual POLYGAMY. This is intended for the purpose of helping us in Christian Polygamy to successfully overcome all the hostile anti-polygamy propaganda.

May 11, 2001
3:00 PM EST
Created this new COVENANT BREAKING sub-directory and added it to the "Love-Not-Force" section in the navigation column. To get it started, added three writings, as follows:
Covenant Breaking
Doctrine Revealed
Wedding Vows
Hellfire Bound

May 03, 2001
5:00 PM EST
Simplified the DONATIONS area of TruthBearer.COM, with adding several individual pages to make it easy for people to select the amounts they want to donate so as to be able to so with simplicity.
$1, $5, $10, $15, $20, $25, $30, $40, $50, $75, $100, $150, $200, $300, $400, $500, $1,000, $5,000, $10,000, $100,000, and even (LoL :-) $1,000,000 ---all with options to make donations of multiple amounts of those amounts.
Also added the "Make Donations" link in the right-column's "TruthBearer.COM" yellow-box on all the pages at the main site. This should also make it easier for anyone who has been wanting to know how to easily make donations online.

May 03, 2001
3:30 PM EST
Added two new "pricing" options for becoming a TruthBearer Member. In addition to the 1-, 2-, and 3-month Membership options, one may instead sign up for 14-days Memberships (for only $10.99), or even for 7-days Memberships (for only $5.99). Also, improved the layout design of the joining-page for easier use.

April 27, 2001
3:00 PM EST
Created this new FORCE sub-directory and added it to the "Love-Not-Force" section in the navigation column. To get it started, added two writings, as follows:
What is FORCE?
Why FORCE Fails

April 20, 2001
2:00 PM EST
Added this new sub-directory in the /about/ directory, and also added it to the left-column navigation as well. To start this sub-directory off, included the following:
About this Ministry
Culture of Selflessness [Menu]
When Offering Help
Overcoming the "FOR FREE" Mentality

Also See:    CREDITS For Selflessness

April 06, 2001
3:00 PM EST
Added this new directory, and also added it to the left-column navigation as well. To start this directory off, included the following:
Love-Not-Force [Directory]
POEM: "First Question to Ask..."
History: Reforming the Reform of Christian Polygamy with Love-Not-Force
Parable of the Bricks

April 01, 2001
12:30 PM EST
Unveiled yet another new, additional web-site for this ministry, This additional web-site is for having an easy way to recommend the principles of "The TRUTH BEARER Vision of love-not-force" to others, as well as to have a more subtle way with which to promote Christian Polygamy to others. (This had first been announced in a "sneak peak" to subscribers of EMAIL UPDATES, on March 30, 2001.)

March 23, 2001
3:00 PM EST
Unveiled the additional web-site for this ministry, TruthBearer.COM. This additional web-site is for the more "COMmercial" and financial aspects from Memberships to Donations, to Products and Services.

March 17, 2001
7:30 PM EST
Added several more options for the Preferences-settings of Background Color, Font, Font Color, as well as couple more to the Font Size settings.

March 16, 2001
2:00 PM EST
Cleaned up and organized the links page. Removed some dead links. Added five new links, as follows:

March 12, 2001
8:00 PM EST
Established this exclusive and unique encoding (within Christian Polygamy) so that surfers may now set their preferences as to how they want the display layout of the entire web-site to appear in their browsers.

March 01, 2001
9:00 AM EST
"Grand Opening" of this new look for the entire site! While there may still be the occasional "bug" or two (such as how Netscape 4.0 or less will not display this well), these will eventually be "tweaked" and fixed.

On March 1, 2001, the web-site unveiled a massive web-site re-design. (That particular re-design was so massive that no Updates occurred between Dec. 1, 2000 through Feb. 28, 2001.)


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