NEWS: Aug.16, 2015 - 10 Years Ago, “Christian Polygamy” Made History
NEWS: July 4, 2014 - Christian Polygamy Movement is 20 Years Old

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This organization teaches how to teach others the absolute Scripturality of Christian Polygamy and that this really is only about profound, selfless Christ-like LOVE for women. Thereby are we Successfully Changing the Course of History!

This ministry is a Christ-centered, Spirit-led, Scripture-believing, cross-denominational organization. As such, this web-site is 100% "family-friendly." It does NOT contain or endorse any form of vulgarities or "fleshly foolishness."

Christian Polygamy

More specifically, polygyny, and only according to the 100% Bible-believing Christian paradigm, is only about life-long-committed (hence, NON-promiscuous), consensual, NON-abusive, loving Christian MARRIAGE. Because we are Christians in deed and in truth, we, of course, place the GOSPEL and the Scriptures as being "Above All Else" doctrinally.

The only educational matter here is that this is about men ever-growing in

in marriage to more than one woman
(as Christ so selflessly and givingly loves the Churches).

Accordingly, we place the initial warning to all men who have not yet grown to such profound maturity in selfless loving, "Do Not Try This At Home." Until one grows toward loving wives as selflessly as Christ life-givingly loves the Churches, any personal thoughts about plural marriage should be foremost about growing to that level in Christ.

This organization preaches only according to the principles of the "The TruthBearer Vision of love-not-force". Indeed, "love-not-force" has become and now is The Standard of Christian Polygamy, the way for discerning the true from the false.
This ministry is merely "Continuing the Reformation" as we bring this very obvious Scriptural truth to our fellow Scripture-believing Christians. We do this with what we call the "TruthBearer Mission of Bringing Christian Polygamy to the Churches".

The "movement" is growing! Yes, we are succeeding.

The History of the Movement of Christian Polygamy is well over a decade old; and, we continue to grow and grow. Bible-believing Christians, spanning many different denominations, are likewise seeing its Scriptural undeniability. And they are joining us to help share the truth with others, because God's Word is Truth ---no matter what.

Supporting Pastors

Many pastors have long quietly known the truth of Christian Polygamy, but they have often been isolated and unable - even disallowed - to be bold in their churches. The organization provides organized support for such dear pastors. With the organization, now those pastors can know and show that they are no longer alone! When ready, those pastors can now quickly show their denominational hierarchies and congregations that the pastor is not some lone isolated "fringe" individual on this issue. Our organization's very existence and established media identification proves it. This empowers pastors to be bold when the time is right for them to do so, whether they are bringing this issue before their denominational hierarchies or before their congregations. Now pastors can freely let Scripture be Scripture when they do that, without being falsely and cruelly maligned as "lone wolves" or even "wackos." The organizational support enables those dear pastors to overcome those obstacles when the time is right for them to do so in their churches.

Supporting Bible-believing Christians

In numerous churches, across numerous Bible-based Christian denominations, very often it is the most Bible-dedicated believers who are sitting in those Churches, quietly disappointed that their Church or its leadership seem to be blind to so obvious a Scriptural Truth as Christian Polygamy. These believers are not the "newbie Christians" either. These are the ones whom the pastors know do seriously study the Bible regularly. Yet these same serious Christians know that they are not (yet) free to point out the obvious Scripturality of Christian Polygamy to their church. And because they genuinely love their pastors and church leadership, they do not want to undermine them or disturb the entire church by "showing them up" or just raising the issue. The organization provides those Bible-dedicated believers with assurance that they are "not alone," and support when the time is right for them in bringing the issue to their churches in the most Christ-like loving and effective manner.

Polygamy in the Media

Polygamy in the Media.  Interviews and more with the TruthBearer organization! With our continued, unstoppable growth, the MEDIA have come to exclusively rely on the TruthBearer organization for experienced, expert information on this most fascinating topic!

Our numerous Media Interviews are available on tapes for you to order.

Truly, Christian Polygamy is here to stay. And the organization of is here to help one and all in this wonderful work of the Lord.

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Our Reading Directories, Christian Polygamy History, and the FREE re-printed 1869 book, "The History and Philosophy of Marriage", can easily get you started. The volumes of content could certainly provide you with hours and hours of freely- and publicly-available reading and research indeed.
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May this web-site and ministry ever be a blessing for you.


Polygamy in the Media.  Interviews and more with the TruthBearer organization!
Polygamy in the Media

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