NEWS: Aug.16, 2015 - 10 Years Ago, “Christian Polygamy” Made History
NEWS: July 4, 2019 - Christian Polygamy Movement is 25 Years Old

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 Organization for Christian Polygamy

Polygamy is in the Bible.   Polygamy is found throughout history.
These facts prove that marriage's definition includes plural marriage.
Polygyny is a far older traditional marriage than anti-polygamy.

Gateway to the Polygamy Movement

True activists organize and communicate here. Tools and other resources are made available. All polygamy questions and Bible doctrine are addressed. Women are protected with love-not-force. Pastors and Christians in various denominations find support. The MEDIA obtain proven, appealing, informative, expert interviews.

Christian Polygamy

  *   This is NOT about polyandry or polyamory.
  *   This is NOT about fornication or adultery.
  *   This is NOT about group marriage or wife swapping.
  *   This is NOT about dishonest bigamy or infidelity.
  *   This is NOT about underaged or arranged marriage.
  *   This is NOT about any form of mormonism.
  *   This is NOT about re-defining marriage.


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Polygamy in the Media

Polygamy in the Media.  Interviews and more with the TruthBearer organization!

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