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If you have already read the details below, then here are the links to the different display versions of the past archived EMAIL UDPATES:

EMAIL Updates and
SITE Updates
Are and Have Been
Providing the Accurate
Record of our History

As the advance of Christian Polygamy has progressed, much has certainly happened ---the Lord alone be praised! Whenever something new or positive happened or happens, such as, for one example, when yet another new site comes online advocating polygyny as a Christian concept, it is and always has been exciting to see happen. Accordingly, as all these tihngs have happened, as increasingly more and more people come to the internet and discover Christian Polgyamy, it is and has been important that a credible record of the history be kept.

As those who have been around since the first couple years all know, the service of reporting, recording, announcing, and keeping that record has always been something which this ministry has done at this web-site from the beginning after TRUTH BEARER itself came online.

Indeed, again, as many know, has always provided a SITE UPDATES page, recording all the changes to the site. Of course, in the VERY beginning, the web-site was known as TRUTH BEARER, as hosted on a lengthy URL at Moreover, those of us who have been around awhile will remember the TRUTH BEARER web-site being in two dfferent display versions prior to the present one (at the time of this writing here, in August, 2001). That is, to date, the web-site is presently herewith in its third display version.

My oh my! We have come a long way! :-)

Anyway, the earliest display version of the site used to refer to the SITE UPDATES as "Version Updates" instead.

As well, many know that the EMAIL UPDATES (not to be confused with the posted SITE UPDATES) have served as a regular "announcing" service of things going on and of such changes of the site. Indeed, these have served as a complemntary service with the SITE UPDATES.

That is, the combination of the "announcing service" of the Truth Bearer EMAIL UPDATES, along with the SITE UPDATES posted at the site, has always been providing key service to the Christian Polygamy community with the timely recording of the history of the advance of Christian Polygamy as it happens, announcing all new things and sites (in EMAIL UPDATES) and recording them for a historic record (in the SITE UPDATES).

The EMAIL UPDATES have been archived in the Truth Bearer Members area (only because, if they were posted publicly, then people would avoid signing up for them, since they could otherwise just wait a week and see them online otherwise).

And the SITE UPDATES have always been made available at the site publicly at all times.

Neither the archived EMAIL UPDATES nor the publicly posted SITE UPDATES have been modified from their original postings as they happened. This has always been a matter of integrity in this organization.

Moreover, the record that these archived web-pages have not been modified is verifiable via the dated headers at the server, recording when the files were ftp'ed to the site.

Therefore, to once again re-iterate: the SITE UPDATES and the EMAIL UPDATES have worked in combination to provide our growing movement (as it were) of Christian Polygamy with a true record of history as to when things happened and when sites first came on the scene.

Now, as was said previously here, and as many who have been around awhile will remember, the web-site of TRUTH BEARER has gone through 3 different display versions, as of this writing on August, 2001.

From the web-site's beginning until September 1999, the site was a rather cumbersome frame-based system. At the time, TRUTH BEARER was actually being innovative with the frame-systems as frames were considered "very exciting" in creative web-site design way back the, before eventually falling out of "favor", as it were.

Then, from September 1999 through February 2001, the site began to move away from the frame-system to another aproach and "new look", which was referred as 'TRUTH BEARER 2.0'.

Finally (as of the time of this writing here in August, 2001), the site left all that behind, moved into second-generation dynamic web-design, and was thus upgraded to the present (as of August, 2001) display version of the site since March 1, 2001.

Accordingly, each of these different past display versions of the site also, of natural course, included its own unique display version of the SITE UPDATES of the web-site. Mind you, with each new display version of the web-site, the end of the newest display version of the latest SITE UPDATES pages would make a link back to the the previous display version's menu of SITE UPDATES.

As such, it has always been possible to get right back to the the very first SITE UPDATES page of the web-site of TRUTH BEARER. (Actually, the first ones were called the "Version Updates" back then! :-)

So, now, for simplicity sake here, as of August 2001, there are actually THREE separate URLs for the three past and present display versions of SITE UPDATES.

Those three URLs (in chronologically-reverse order) are as follows:

March 1, 2001 through present

September, 1999 - February, 2001

August, 1997 - August, 1999

Although it has always been possible to find all of these URLs above via the web-site, it is obviously herewith more helpful for all of us in the Christian Polygamy community (and for anyone wanting to search the accurate record of our history) that these URLs now be even more prominently accessible for any surfer. Hence, the creation of this web-page here, as first posted on August 23, 2001. (In the future, when later display versions of this web-site or other similiar reasons would otherwise require, additional URLs will also be included here at such time as may be necessary to make it of coninued value at such future time.)

So, as we all go forward, as the organization of continues to provide the service of the combination of the "announcement" service of the EMAIL UPDATES and the un-modified public postings of the SITE UPDATES available and easily accessible for anyone to locate, the true and accurate record of our histry in the advance of Christian Polygamy can be easily found and researched!

And besides, given all the years of postings of the SITE UPDATES to the web-site of, by making these more easily accessble and locatable, this actually adds volumes of more reading for any surfer at! :-)

Anyway, may this recorded keeping of our true and accurate history be a blessing for all of us and for our posterity.

Glory to the Lord!

© August 23, 2001,
P.O. Box 765, O.O.B., ME 04064

Here are the links to the different display versions of the past archived EMAIL UDPATES:


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