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That Our Word be True

In December, 2000, on the Friends and Fellowhelpers Email Listservs, a discussion had been underway about the importance of TRUST in Marital Intimacy, particularly to love-not-force and bringing Christian Polygamy to a dear first wife. The discussion included the original postings, "Of Strength of TRUST (in Marital Intimacy)" and "Love & Trust / Force & Distrust", now at the web-site.

In continuing that discussion, and in further affirming and clarifying the importance of the issue of TRUST in marriage, the Founder of this ministry added the following additional post.

May this be a blessing for all who read it.


That our word be TRUE,
for the "key" and
for not covenant breaking

-----Original Message-----
From: Mark the Founder,
To: FAF Listserv
Date: Monday, December 18, 2000 12:51 PM
Subject: That our word be TRUE, for the "key" and for not covenant breaking

Greetings in the love of the Lord!

Dear Friends and Fellowhelpers,

A week ago today [ on December. 11, 2000 ], I made the lengthy post (to FAF), titled, "Of Strength of TRUST (in Marital INTIMACY)"

In that post, I addressed the matter of a first wife's initial reaction when her husband would first bring Christian Polygamy to her. Namely, the issue of TRUST, and her being fearful in thinking that her husband is about to become a man who's word is not true, given that he had covenanted with her that he would "forsake all others", and that if he actually tries to self-justify that or suggest that he would be willing unilaterally break that covenant with her, he ends up unwittingly sabotaging himself and only makes her even that much more distrustful of him, thereby making it even harder to help her understand the truth of Christian Polygamy, in fact, more likely making her not believe Christian Polygamy is right all that much more.

The issue of TRUST is a serious matter, as it goes to the heart of whether the first wife can see her husband whose word is true or not. If he has her believing that his word is not true, then he makes it harder for her to trust him in anything else, most especially the matter of bringing Christian Polygamy to her. But if he has her believing that his word IS true, then she can trust him in that bond of growing marital intimacy, and he has then turned the key to unlock the door in thereafter helping her to receive the revelation of Christian Polygamy.

TRUST is that key!

Is the man's word true or is his word not true?

And that's why the issue of covenant breaking doctrine is so important for us. The husband who ends up having his wife believing that he would be willing to unilaterally break his covenant with her is, at that moment, unwittingly "teaching" her (although he might not realize it) that his word is not true. And so, TRUST is automatically "broken" and so the more he might emphasize that or find other self-justifications, then the more she is going to see his word as not being true. And if she feels she cannot trust her husband as his word is not true, then she is unable to believe his word could even be true in bringing Christian Polygamy to her, and so she is more likely to not be able to receive it.

So, the matter of keeping covenant becomes vital for a husband in bringing Christian Polygamy to this wife, as he will be needing the strength of the TRUST in the marriage to every degree possible, when he would then try to bring the matter of Christian Polygamy to her, so that she can be able to receive it as the truth it is.

The key to unlock that door is TRUST, and he must make sure that she sees that his word is true. And so, it is vital that he not fall into the sin of covenant breaking, nor indicate that he would be willing to do so. She must see, know, and TRUST that her husband's word is true, just as we in the Churches see, know, and TRUST that the Lord Christ Jesus' word is true.

As well, we have also seen that covenant breaking itself is actually declared in the word of God to be a "worthy of death" sin, the known "judgment of God", in Romans 1:31b,32.

And so we have two clear reasons why we are to not unilaterally break covenant, but should instead help our first wives to embrace Christian Polygamy unto being willing to give their un-coerced GENUINE ASSENT to re-negotiate the original marriage covenant so as to mutually agree to delete the "forsake all others" clause. Namely,

  1. To keep the man's word as true, that the wife TRUST him, when he would bring Christian Polygamy to her


  2. To keep men from falling into the "worthy of death" sin of covenant breaking, for their very soul's sake.

We do not preach this to tear down men, but rather to lift them up in the Lord and enable them to more righteously walk and to be able to actually more ably succeed in bringing Christian Polygamy to their first wife, rather than the painfully tragic carnage of losing their wife, as has happened far too often for too many.

For anyone new here, I have also made two REPOSTS (to FAF). (At the web-site, please see: Covenant Breaking "Doctrine Revealed" and "False Self-Justifications".) These are about the issues of covenant breaking doctrine itself. Mind you, we have had several months worth of posts among us about the whole issue, of course, and these two REPOSTS are not apt to give "every" answer to "every" question of covenant breaking doctrine, that's for sure. And we certainly cannot start reposting every single post we've all made in all these discussions we have have over the last several months. [ But many will eventually be posted to the web-site. ]

Still, though, I do pray the two REPOSTS (Covenant Breaking "Doctrine Revealed" and "False Self-Justifications") might of at least some revelation of insight for anyone who might still understandably have some questions about it all.

(At the web-site, readers are encouraged to also be sure to read the original postings which originally led to the making of this above post, "Of Strength of TRUST (in Marital Intimacy)" and "Love & Trust / Force & Distrust".)

May all of this be a blessing and encouragement to all of us.

And may the love of the Lord be with us.

YHWH bless...

   Acts 24:14
   Continuing the Reformation...
      Bringing Christian Polygamy to the Churches

© December 18, 2000,
P.O. Box 765, O.O.B., ME 04064

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Of Strength of Trust (in Marital Intimacy)
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That our Word be TRUE


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