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God's "Original" Plan for Marriage?  [ Menu ]

God's "Original" Plan For Marriage

Chapter 1
Foreword: Reasonableness to Question Presupposition

Adam and Eve.

Frequently, it is those two people, the very first humans found in the Scriptures, Adam and Eve, who are often cited and referenced as a supposed "proof" that polygyny is somehow "not as God intended". That is, Adam's and Eve's APPARENT (but not definitively proven) "monogamous" marriage is cited as the presupposition that that somehow "proves" that "God's Original Plan for Marriage" was only one wife per husband.

Adam and Eve.   Adam and Eve.   Adam and Eve.
This tirelessly-cited presupposition declares,
  "Because it was only Adam and Eve,
  it was God's Original Plan that a man only marry one wife."


But for Spirit-walking, Scripture-believing, intellectually honest Christians, is that a legitimate and sound presupposition for us to conclude? Is it objective reasoning out of the Scriptures for us Christians to pre-suppose, just because the Scriptures only reference Eve as Adam's wife (i.e., in referring to no other wives by name or specific reference), that that somehow means that God therefore opposes any man having more than one wife?

It is that very presupposition on which many Christians rely (and of course outright anti-polygynists rely upon this too) in their resistence (if not outright opposition) to the truth that Christian Polygamy and that the recent modern-day advance thereof among so many Scripture-believing Christians is of God. And they rely upon this presupposition without even considering whether the presupposition has any foundation with which to even begin.

But in all intellectual honesty, is that a reliable and objective presupposition for us Christians to hold? All of us Christians must sincerely ask ourselves that question in our seeking the truth of the Scriptures as revealed by the Holy Ghost in this matter.

Is it reasonable for us to ask this question? It would surely appear to be reasonable to at least contemplate.

After all, beyond the obvious evidences of all the holy men of God in the Scriptures (e.g., Abraham, Israel, Moses, Gideon, David, etc.) who were openly and visibly polygynous, it is indeed at least reasonable and even important for us to re-consider the presupposition because there ARE reasons which even specifically give cause for questioning the presupposition.

Namely, specifically, that presupposition unwittingly neglects (or fails) to realize some additional very important factors which also apply. These other factors are certainly real and significant enough that they surely warrant our making a deeper investigation into the soundness of that presupposition with regards to whether or not it should or can be legitimately held as a matter of doctrine for us Christians.

For one factor, the entire book of Genesis (and hence, the entire story of Adam and Eve) was ALL written by
  a spirit-filled (Numbers 11:17)
  polygamist (Exodus 2:21 & 18:1-6, and Numbers 12:1).
Yet, if one follows the presupposition about "God's Original Plan" as it was in the "beginning", then surely Moses, the very mortal author of that story itself, would have known "the Original Plan" too! And with that realized, yet we also see that Moses had two wives.

Another factor is about all the questions pertaining to wondering who were the parents of the wives which Adam's and Eve's sons married, of which we do not have a definitive answer in any regard. Yet, if one follows that presupposition about "God's Original Plan", then that presupposition would therefore likewise be mandating incestous relationships in one way or another, as well, it would appear.

So, clearly, as these two factors immediately demonstrate, there is at least some reasonableness in now questioning the legitimacy of any of us Christians relying upon that presupposition (about supposedly following "God's Original Plan For Marriage" as being defined by the perceived example of Adam and Eve as at the "beginning") as a matter of doctrine for us Christians to follow even unto today.

That is to say, at least, these two factors do provide us at least some reasonableness to question the validity and soundness of that presupposition about "God's Original Plan for Marriage". And with such reasonableness thus established, we Christians then surely have warrant to investigate and analyze the issue more deeply, to see if we Christians should indeed be following a different presupposition, instead, regarding this matter.

And so, with that reasonableness now thus established, this section here at this web-site will endeavor to comprehensively address this question in depth about,
   "What was God's Original Plan for Marriage?"

This anaylsis was originally a reply from the Founder of this ministry, at the Friends and Fellowhelpers ("FAF") Listservs on April 28, 2000.

This off-the-cuff reply from the Founder is a bit "lengthy". Accordingly, for ease of reading here at the web-site, this analysis here has been divided into the following subsections:

  1. Foreword: Reasonableness to Question Presupposition
  2. Introduction
  3. The "Original" Plan...
  4. The "First" Adam
  5. The "Second" Adam
  6. Ephesians 5:22-25 Christian Marriage Model
  7. Egalitarian Error Regarding Galatians 3:28: Equality of Roles in Marriage?
  8. Christian Marriage Model: Husbands as after Christ, Wives as after the Churches
  9. Egalitarian Error Regarding Genesis 1:27: "Male and Female" in Image of God?
  10. Profound Error of "Feminizing" God
  11. To "Feminize" God is to NOT Know Him
  12. As I, Myself, KNOW the Spirit, I KNOW that God is NOT "Female"
  13. The LORD made MAN, as "Male", In God's Own Image
  14. God's Clear Plan For Christian Marriage

Before delving into the analysis, it is important to also make one additional comment here.

Namely, none of this analysis should be read out of sequence or quoted out of context, especially regarding all references exposing matters concerning "egalitarianism" (i.e, "equality of male and female").

Particularly, regarding all references made in this analysis exposing false concepts pertaining to "egalitarianism", such references must only be understood as referring to the depths of love a man would have toward a woman as being as the same selfless, Christ-like giving love with which Christ so loves the Churches (Ephesians 5:22-25.) This has absolutely nothing to do with tyrannical, "dictatorial", or other similar ungodly forms of oppressive mindsets or actions from men toward women. Instead, this is only about men loving as selflessly as Christ, and women being as the wonderful Churches whom our Lord Jesus so loves that he laid down His life for us!

For more insight about this on how profoundly a man should grow in loving woman, please be sure to read,

As such, with that understanding of profound love ever kept in in mind, may this analysis truly be a blessing for all who read it.

© April 28, 2000, TRUTH BEARER
P.O. Box 765, O.O.B., ME 04064

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God's "Original" Plan for Marriage?
Chapter 1 - Foreword: Reasonableness to Question Presupposition
Chapter 2 - Introduction
Chapter 3 - The "Original" Plan...
Chapter 4 - The "First" Adam
Chapter 5 - The "Second" Adam
Chapter 6 - Ephesians 5:22-25 Christian Marriage Model
Chapter 7 - Egalitarian Error Regarding Galatians 3:28: Equality of Roles in Marriage?
Chapter 8 - Christian Marriage Model: Husbands as after Christ, Wives as after the Churches
Chapter 9 - Egalitarian Error Regarding Genesis 1:27: "Male and Female" in Image of God?
Chapter 10 - Profound Error of "Feminizing" God
Chapter 11 - To "Feminize" God is to NOT Know Him
Chapter 12 - As I, Myself, KNOW the Spirit, I KNOW that God is NOT "Female"
Chapter 13 - The LORD made MAN, as "Male", In God's Own Image
Chapter 14 - God's Clear Plan For Christian Marriage


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