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God's "Original" Plan for Marriage?  [ Menu ]

God's "Original" Plan For Marriage

Chapter 11
To "Feminize" God is to NOT Know Him

Truly, for any person to even make such a suggestion as "feminizing" God, as in calling the Holy Ghost "female", for one example, for any person to say such a thing is to reveal that they simply do NOT KNOW the Spirit in the first place.

It is as though they're doing as in this following little scenario....

Picture a good man. In outward appearance, he might have such things as, say, longish hair, and a softer kind of voice than most men do. His skin happens to be a little softer and bit of gentle complexion. But the man is adamantly against effeminate concepts, so that sort of thing does not apply to him in anyway.

Then someone else hears a recording of his voice and sees a picture of the man with his longish hair and soft face.

Based only on these outward appearances, this other person then begins to declare to people how he believes this man is supposedly a woman.

"Look at the hair, listen to the voice.

It's clear that that is a woman,"

that other person declares.

Yet, those who actually KNOW the man, though, see very quickly how absurd the other person's claim here is.


They know it's absurd because they KNOW the man, being wrongly described.

They KNOW he is a man, because they KNOW him PERSONALLY.

They have walked with him, talked with him, they KNOW him.

They KNOW the man.

So they KNOW that the other person's claims about him are absurd.

And so it is that this same kind of thing is what some would do when trying to "feminize" God. They would try to find some external representation, whereby they try to declare that God, or, say, the Holy Spirit, is supposedly "female".

For those of us who KNOW our God personally,

for those of us who KNOW the Spirit of YHWH,

that kind of declaration is simply an absurity.

The Holy Spirit is "female"? Absurd!

Those of us who KNOW our God, we KNOW this is absurd, simply and easily because we KNOW Him ---personally.

Alleluia Hallelujah!

(I say this not as an offense, but as a statement of obvious fact as evident before those of us who personally KNOW the Lord our God.)

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