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God's "Original" Plan For Marriage

Chapter 12
As I, Myself, KNOW the Spirit, I KNOW that God is NOT "Female"

And I would testify likewise here, yes, I myself, testify that I do KNOW the Spirit of our God, PERSONALLY.

I testify that, yes, I have a deep personal relationship with the Lord my God. Yes, I KNOW the Spirit. (This is not because I am anything ---for I am nothing--- but it is only because I have been blessed, unworthy though I be, to KNOW the Lord my God. Alleluia Hallelujah!)

The fact that we are all here at FAF, with Christian Polygamy now being what it now is, that itself is a proven testament to how much I have been blessed to truly KNOW and listen to the Holy Spirit (again must I say, this is not because I am anything, mind you, for I am nothing, but the Spirit is that which has worked the work which we now see before us as Christian Polygamy is now so advanced far beyond the solitary days when I was out publishing the doctrines alone in my newspaper, before any of this came to the internet!).

And so, I KNOW that the Spirit of YHWH is most assuredly NOT a "female", knowing this simply because I KNOW the Spirit, even as I am known. And that is why such egalitarian attempts to try to 'feminize' our God in one way or another (as in, for example, the falsehood of suggesting that the Holy Spirit is "female"), and doing so by the false concept that the image of God was "male and female", that to do such things are so obviously false and not of God.

No, I would here bear personal witness:

God is not "female".

Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are all as "HE", maleness.

This is not a matter of simple "denominational differences". Because I KNOW the Holy Spirit, I therewith testify that, yes, I KNOW that the Spirit of YHWH is most certainly NOT "female".

So, I say again, I bear personal witness:

God is not "female".

Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are all as "HE", maleness.


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God's "Original" Plan for Marriage?
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Chapter 2 - Introduction
Chapter 3 - The "Original" Plan...
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Chapter 7 - Egalitarian Error Regarding Galatians 3:28: Equality of Roles in Marriage?
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Chapter 11 - To "Feminize" God is to NOT Know Him
Chapter 12 - As I, Myself, KNOW the Spirit, I KNOW that God is NOT "Female"
Chapter 13 - The LORD made MAN, as "Male", In God's Own Image
Chapter 14 - God's Clear Plan For Christian Marriage


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