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The Truth and the Paradox

Chapter 4
Devils Then Entrap By Truth

What? Do some now rebuke me already for having revealed that? Let them read on and confirm that this is the TRUTH or thus confirm their own evil.

After all, after the devils of the Great Deceiver will have so entrapped the believers of those incorrect manmade doctrines (but not the TRUE Children of the LORD!), will those devils not pursue further to the further dismay and destruction of such lost souls?

Indeed, after showing that Jesus was a so-called "adulterer", these devils will go further in their guile to deceive the would-be Christian to even further reject the Scripture. Do you doubt that they would not?

Truly, such devils would then, leaving the 25th chapter of Matthew, show the lost, would-be Christian the 25th chapter of 1_Samuel. There, the devils would show how God deliberately brought (and even spoke through) Abigail to the already married (to Saul's daughter Michal) David. Not only that, they would show that David would even marry a third wife in that chapter, and the LORD would continue to rescue those two later wives in subsequent chapters. (And this doesn't even count the more than five known wives in addition to these three!) The would-be Christian would "have to" perceive that EITHER God and David were conspirators in the sin of so-called "adultery" OR Scripture was wrong.

Still more, the devils would show the would-be Christian how God was a "conspirator-in-sin" with Hannah, Elkanah's second wife, in the first three chapters of 1_Samuel. Indeed, they would show how the LORD "remembered Hannah" and not only gave her conception of the prophet Samuel, but of several other children as well! The would-be Christian would be in turmoil, "having to" believe that EITHER the prophet Samuel was born of a so-called "adulterous" father (and also by the "remembrance of the LORD" in "conspiracy" with Hannah, even!) OR that Scripture was wrong.

Finally, the devils would show the fraud of the Great Deceiver's own teachings about Moses. These devils would then show that even Moses himself had committed so-called "adultery" by having two wives. (Exodus 18:1-6, Numbers 12:1.) Here, the would-be Christian would be further devastated. After all, according to most so-called "Bibles", the cross-references would indicate that Moses did not have two wives --as the Great Deceiver, himself, had caused in his wicked plot, preparing the wicked paradox.

Yes, but that was the clever plan of the Great Deceiver. He kept that fact about Moses hidden so as to beguile man into accepting the wicked, incorrect manmade doctrines. Once the devils had entrapped the would-be Christian, the Great Deceiver could then let that TRUTH be seen because he could use it to further supposedly "prove" that EITHER these holy men were sinners (with God's help, even!) OR Scripture was wrong.

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The Truth and the Paradox
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