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The Truth and the Paradox   [ Menu ]

The Truth and the Paradox

Chapter 11
Heavy Yet Light

Now I know that this revelation of TRUTH seems heavy to receive. Yet, it is light. Indeed, it is LIGHT. Because it brings Scripture that the TRUE Children of the LORD may only "speak according to THIS word", the Scripture, it indeed brings LIGHT for when the Bridegroom Jesus comes. Thus, while it is heavy to receive, it is yet light because it is LIGHT. Praise ye the LORD!

Still though, out of TRUE GODLY love for a wife, many a man is apt to seek to comfort his wife. (What TRUE GODLY man wouldn't?) Such would be inclined to comfort her by saying that he only wants that one wife, which is truly a statement made in absolute love for the wife. But wives, let not your husband say that. (But husbands, tell not your wife that she should tell you this! Indeed, let the wife receive this by the Holy Ghost and love, and not by the husband's unloving reminder.) For the sake of the LORD, for the husband's sake, and for the wife's sake, let each wife ponder the TRUTH for a moment; let them see that it is actually in a wife's best interest that her husband be capable of attracting and of being so profoundly loving, blessing, and edifying. Let them consider how profound he would have to be that he be so capable! Therefore, let all be exhorted that they stop not a man's rising to his (small-L) lordship. Such a man would be profoundly more loving than one wife could receive on her own!

Lest anyone perceive the wicked thought that this looses a permissiveness for man, let them be reproved as they consider how profound and TRULY GODLY such a man would have to be in order to be so capable. Such a man would certainly know, and indeed must know, how to care for the many complex needs of woman. Furthermore, when she experiences his "knowing" her from a loving, TRUE GODLY giving and blessing heart, ministering unto her "pleasure" (not his!), she too will indeed call him "lord" ---as did Sarah, and without "any amazement". (Genesis 18:12, 1_Peter 3:6.) Indeed, it is at the moments of intimacy where a wife's loving submission is first determined and established. (It is only on that basis that such be mentioned; indeed, the point is vital to loving, willful obedience by the wife.) A TRUE GODLY man, by his profound selfless CHRIST-like love, takes the absolute personal responsibility and CAUSES that submission, not by force, but by ministering unto the woman TRUE GODLY love, blessing, and edification! A TRUE GODLY man sets the profound example of love and intimacy, thus ministering unto the woman and her many complex needs.

Thus, not only would stopping such rising to his (small-L) lordship actually be asking the man to not be ready to obey if the LORD so commands him to love, bless, and edify another, but preventing such (small-L) lordship would also deprive the wife of a profound husband's TRUE GODLY love, blessing, and edification like nothing she had, more than likely, ever witnessed in her entire life.

Whether any man is called of the LORD to so do is one thing and I say not, but he should be prepared and capable either way. (Indeed, I would that all would always be ready to obey the commands of the LORD.) Let each and every man that would obey the LORD rise to his (small-L) lordship as a TRUE GODLY man without such regard either way. Indeed, let the husband minister unto the wife. Indeed, let the wife not judge her husband by as he is now, but let her see the profound TRUE GODLY man he is to become! Did not "even God... calleth those things which be not as though they were"? (Romans 4:17d,f.) Yet did they so become! Thus is the example not set by the LORD Himself?

Such a TRUE GODLY man would set the example of loving, willful obedience. He obeys the (Capital-L) LORD and is thus loved, blessed, and edified by the LORD. (Who wouldn't obey?) By such obedience unto the (Capital-L) LORD, the TRUE GODLY man thus sets the example for the wife's loving, willful obedience. She obeys her (small-L) lord and is thus loved, blessed, and edified. (Who wouldn't obey?) Indeed, loving, blessing, and edifying wives would take no more away from a Godly wife than would a mother to more than one loving, willfully obedient child. But if any man not so love, bless, and edify, thus is he not behaving as a TRUE GODLY man, following the example "AS CHRIST ALSO LOVED" the churches. Indeed, let the husbands rise to their (small-L) lordship as TRUE GODLY men.

But let this not be misconstrued. This is NOT a call to lasciviousness, concupiscence, or lust. God forbid. Indeed, let them which say they are spiritual confirm that this is not a call to such wickedness!

Only when a man is capable of such profound love, blessing, and edification is he prepared to take on the far expanded responsibilities involved. Truly, let him also count the cost, yet be prepared to obey the LORD. Indeed, such is not a light matter at all, but heavy! Yet, in the LORD are all things light. Indeed, moreover, all things in the LORD are LIGHT.

Indeed, this is only a call to TRUTH. It is not a call to any calling of marriage whatsoever. Rather, let men rise to their (small-L) lordship. But more importantly, let all men and women obey the LORD as He has called them, AND SO LET THEM WALK. Most importantly, still, let all the TRUE Children of the LORD now be "prepared/'ready'" to give the TRUE answer to the wicked paradox.

When the Great Deceiver sends his devils showing that Jesus spoke of five virgins marrying Him in Matthew 25:1-13, the TRUE Children of the LORD now know the TRUTH. They will not be caught in the trap of the devil, in his wicked plot to catch them away in the snare of his wicked, manmade doctrines, as culminated in the question of the wicked paradox. When the devils ask, "Did Jesus sin or is Scripture wrong?", the TRUE Children of the LORD will now have the answer, "NEITHER!"

Thus will they still be speaking according to the Scripture, the very Written Word of God. Thus will they have the LIGHT when the Bridegroom comes to marry His "five pure virgins". Yet, to the others who stopped speaking "according to THIS word", the Written Word of God, the Bridegroom Jesus will say, from Matthew 25:12b-c:

"Verily I say unto you, I know you not."

© October 4, 1995, The Standard Bearer
P.O. Box 765, O.O.B., ME 04064

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