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March 16, 2006 Report and Interview Transcript

The week of March 12, 2006 began a lot of media attention for polygamy activism. The new television show, "Big Love," premiered on pay TV channel, HBO on March 12, 2006, at 10:00 pm EST. This show about a Mormon Polygamist family - i.e., NOT Christian Polygamists - was the first time any TV series was premised on any form of polygamous family. The next day, the March 13, 2006 online version of an article in the March 20, 2006 issue of Newsweek reported about the "Christian evangelical polygamy organization," That article also quoted the Founder, Mark Henkel, in saying his well-established sound-bite, "Polygamy rights is the next civil rights battle."

The day after that, on Tuesday, March 14, 2006, at about 12:30 pm EST, a reporter named, Kimberly Trobee, emailed a media request to the organization. She was putting together a report for Family News in Focus, the news department of James Dobson's Focus on the Family. In her urgent plea, Ms. Trobee indicated that her deadline would expire in three hours.

National Polygamy Advocate and Founder of the Christian Polygamy organization,, Mark Henkel, decided to personally help them as quickly as possible. Having no other interviews or appointments at that precise moment, he called Ms. Trobee back right away and granted the interview himself.

The interview went extremely positively. Here is the transcript from that first interview.

Interview #1 transcript

Soon afterward, while Mark Henkel was making a number of preparations for a television interview scheduled for the next day, Ms. Trobee emailed back a second urgent request for further information. Always glad to share information with a positive fellow evangelical Christian, the Founder was glad to call her back as soon as he could.

Kim Trobee's questions in the second interview were more about personal applications and how women can benefit from choosing polygamy. Just as happened in the previous call, the second interview also went extremely positively. Here is the transcript from that second interview.

Interview #2 transcript

Both of those interviews were recorded onto a single audiocassette. That tape is now available for anyone to order.

With both of those friendly interviews, Mark Henkel had clearly demonstrated that Christian Polygamy is from purely Bible-believing evangelical Christianity. He supported it all biblically with numerous Scriptures. On a larger note, he also explained how modern Christian leaders making the mistake of leading God's people into the idolatry of big socialist government is what the Bible has always called "going the way of Jeroboam son of Nebat." (Only genuine Bible-students know the eye-opening profundity of that statement and its urgent wake-up call to the would-be leaders of God's people.)

Moreover, Mark Henkel explicitly showed how the polygamy rights movement actually provides the true conservative solution to ending the "government marriage" debate about what he calls the "biological impossibility of same sex marriage." Not only did he cite Romer v. Evans (1996) and Lawrence v. Texas (2003), but he went even further to also cite a new case definitely supported by fellow Christians: the 8-0 Supreme Court Decision in February 21, 2006, "Gonzales v. O Centro Espirita Beneficente Uniao Do Vegetal." (That last case is not a case which homosexuals would be using to demand their homosexual agenda.) Indisputably, from citing free market economics to absolute limited government principles, it is undeniable that's founder, Mark Henkel, spoke in unwaveringly true conservative terms.

For anyone seeking proof of what was actually said in the interviews, both of the interviews are now available on a single audiocassette to order.

Unfortunately, to the great and deep sadness of true Christians everywhere, Focus on the Family's news department, Family News in Focus, chose to tell a completely opposite "report" of what Mark Henkel actually said. Along with their deliberate sin of bearing false witness, the editors at Family News in Focus also revealed their very fear of the truth he spoke. Namely, they also committed the yellow-journalistic non-attribution tactic of not even letting their audience know the name of the organization about whom they were citing. Insodoing, they also sinned against Mark Henkel personally by stealing his time to exploit it for their own profit in their own mistaken agenda. All around, it was utterly heartbreaking to Christians everywhere for so much sin to occur by ones who honestly should be conducting themselves with the highest of integrity of all. Of course, all Christians understand that everyone make mistakes, but this was far more serious, unrepented, and very disappointing.

Family News in Focus's online article, with a link to the audio-file too, have been archived here below. After that, it is then followed (further down on this page) by final comments.

Polygamy Rights Follow Gay Marriage Demands

by Kim Trobee
© March 16, 2006 (article here)

Supporters of traditional marriage predicted same sex unions would lead to other bizarre arrangements.

Big Love, a new series on HBO, follows the story of a family in Salt Lake City. But this family has one husband and three wives. Just a Hollywood storyline? Maybe not. Mark Henkel is with a group that describes itself as an “organization of Christian polygamists.”

“We’re a cross-denominational para-church support, supporting both individuals and pastors that come to this realization that the Bible does not support the Catholic invention of one man-one woman as a doctrine.”

Henkel is one of a handful of polygamy rights groups that want the practice decriminalized and are pointing to court decisions like Romer v. Evans and Lawrence v. Texas, rulings that granted privacy rights to homosexuals, to back their claims. Carrie Gordon Earll with Focus on the Family Action points out that polygamists are merely riding on the coattails of the gay activist movement, using court victories and mimicking their strategy to push their own agenda.

“The polygamists are going to go through the courts just like the gay rights activists did because that’s the only way they can move their policy agenda forward. There is no limit to the deviancy of humanity. It could go to anything from bestiality to pedophilia to things we can’t even imagine yet.”

Henkel says if the United States allows gay marriage, it will be forced to allow polygamy. And we’ll be sliding even farther down that “slippery slope.”



The online article then provided a link to a web-page of clickable links for users to hear the broadcast over the internet. Family News in Focus's March 16, 2006 audio-file report may be heard by clicking this link here.

The pre-audio-file lead-in page to that audio-file announces the four segments in that news report. The third listed item refers to the polygamy rights article. Family News in Focus bore false witness in its most extreme example. Announcing the broadcast of the report, the page states:

"Polygamists are demanding right to marry.
They say homosexuals showed them the way."

For anyone seeking to compare the actual interviews with the above "report," both of the interviews are now available on a single audiocassette to order.

Final Comment:'s founder, Mark Henkel, was the only pro-polygamy source cited in the article. So, when that article says that "polygamists say" that untrue statement (that supposedly "homosexuals showed them the way"), it only means that the "report" is claiming that Mark Henkel had supposedly said it. But as the interviews prove, not once did he ever say, hint, or even imply that somehow "homosexuals showed the way." The fact is, only the anti-polygamist in their article was the one inventing and making up that completely erroneous and untrue allegation in the first place. But no polygamists in the article ever said such a thing. As the facts prove, Mark Henkel had said the opposite, that polygamy rights would resolve that debate altogether. The following snippet from the first interview, with emphasis made in bold italics, proves it beyond doubt.

KT: Have some of the recent decisions in favor of gay marriage helped the polygamy movement, though?

MH: Notwithstanding that, we are evangelical Christians, so notwithstandiung that, truly, the Bible is very clear on the sin of the biological impossiblity of "same sex marriage." And it's biologically impossible because coitus is impossible for homosexuals practicing together. And, the fact that God is very clear about it being a sin.

MH (cont'd): Notwithstanding that, they [(the Court Decsions)] clearly do establish that, when it comes from that perspective, that there is no way you can use those precedents to accept the biological impossibility of "same sex marriage" and then equally deny the good, nurturing concept of Christian Polygamy. There's no way you can do that. There's just no sound logic whatsoever.

MH (cont'd): With that said, we're not just simply trying to, and we're definitely not trying to push or promote on the homosexual agenda whatsoever. The point being, we say that actually our argument is the answer to the problem of "same sex marriage."

MH (cont'd): Because: what we're saying is that, today's leaders, sadly, unfortunately, have gone the way of Jeroboam son of Nebat. They are leading God's people into idolatry. You don't fight liberalism with liberalism. You don't fight homosexuality with with the sin of idolatry, because both sinners go to Hell. According to Revelation 21:8, all idolators shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone.

What this reveals is best demonstrated by noting what Ms. Trobee's article did corrrectly quote, and noting what was chopped off at the end of that same quote. That quote is re-stated as follows, with the missing and essential portion being emphasized in bold. Explaining what the organization is, Mark Henkel said,

We are a cross-denominational, para-church support, supporting individuals and pastors that come to this realization that the Bible does not support the Catholic invention of "one man, one woman" as a doctrine - especially using the false god of big socialist government to define the doctrine of God.

The editors at Family News in Focus were apparently too terrified by that last statement to let their audience hear it. Understandably, it does rather powerfully expose how they truly have "gone the way of Jeroboam son of Nebat." In showing how they have turned to the false god of big socialist government with their big government marriage amendment, that last line truly convicts them in their larger, ongoing sin of leading God's people into that idolatry - having sadly "gone the way of Jeroboam son of Nebat."

So, the leadership at Family News in Focus chopped Ms. Trobee's article to hide that last imperative part of the quote from the audience. From there, they prevented their audience from even knowing the name of this evangelical cross-denominational Christian organization, And they "reported" a reverse statement to the say that Mark Henkel supposedly had said something he had never said. To the profound heartbreak of all sincere Christians everywhere, Family News in Focus undeniably bore false witness against Christian Polygamy before their entire audience and all the world.

It is, of course, understood - and even to be expected - that Christian groups such as Focus on the Family might need to be further taught the Word of God before they're ready to understand the real truth of Christian Polygamy and its Continuation of the Reformation. But even so, telling the truth is still always the requirement for all of us Christians, even when not yet ready to agree on-point. That means there is never a justification for bearing false witness against another to promote any agenda, even if self-perceived as "doing it for holy purposes." So, while Focus on the Family can be given grace for needing more time to understand about Christian Polygamy, there is never a righteous excuse for the sins committed in this sad situation.

As such, upon discovering this surprising and disappointing error of Family News in Focus, Mark Henkel compassionately sought to give them the initial benefit of the doubt. In following the Christian principles of Matthew 18:15, he called Kim Trobee soon after her article first appeared. She indicated that her editors had made the changes to her article. Accordingly, the error was then brought to her superior instead. To the genuine heartbreak and disappointment of all Spirit-walking Christians, her superior chose only to be stiffnecked and defiant in his response. Even being humbly given the opportunity to correct such a mistake, he instead chose a very hard-edged arrogance and refused.

Even so, the organization compassionately still allowed even more time for Focus on the Family's leadership to repent of their sins in this matter and to correct it. After other news media also used that same false-witness-telling "report" by Family News in Focus to further spread the untruth about polygamists, and after more weeks passed, it was clear that the darkness of these unrepented sins had to come to the "light of day."

For that reason, although done with great sorrow of heart, all of this information is herewith made fully available online. It is not done with vindictiveness. Rather, it is only done with a heart-felt hope for the true repentance and salvation of those who have committed these sins of bearing false wtness and the other auxilliary sins too. May the leadership at Family News in Focus who are responsible for committing such sin, therefore come out of their sin, repent, and find the joy of salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ.

The genuine hope for their souls' sakes is also why Mark Henkel, as Founder of the organization, has been asking all Members, supporters, and fellow Christians to both love and pray for the very souls of those who have so sinned in this matter. Anyone can err, but - and praise the Lord! - when we repent, the Lord our God is righteous and loving to forgive us our sins. Amen.

Here at the organization, all of us fervently pray that the Lord truly work a blessing out of this to all concerned - perhaps even one day unto an amazing testimony of love together unto the glory of the Lord. Alleluia Hallelujah!

Once again, we repeat: Both of those interviews were recorded onto a single audiocassette. That tape is now available for anyone to order.
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