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Polygamy in the Media

Focus on the Family

On March 16, 2006, Family News in Focus, the news department of James Dobson's Focus on the Family, reported about the polygamy rights movement. However, to the greatest sadness of all Bible-believing Christians everywhere, what Family News in Focus reported was the opposite of what they learned from the interview with the National Polygamy Advocate, Mark Henkel. Even after being approached with a sincere Matthew 18:15 offering to repair the error of their unfortunate act of bearing false witness, the leadership at Family News in Focus still refused to humbly admit or correct themselves of their sin.

The entire Family News in Focus interview transcripts, the resulting "report" on Focus on the Family, final commentary, and the Founder's sincere request for love and prayer for their souls have now been made fully available (here).
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Focus on the Family
Family News in Focus, March 16, 2006


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Polygamy in the Media

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