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Why FORCE Fails

3.  Likely Short-Term "Popularity" Appearances

As truly, the concept of polygamy can also have a tendency to appeal to the basest carnal nature of men (when a man looks at polygyny from a selfish, fleshly way), it is easy for us to see that it does not take a lot to persuade SOME men that polygamy is not a sin.

Conversely, because of that very fact, it is just as easy for us to see why this very same fact makes it very difficult to persuade some WOMEN polygamy is not a sin.

Thus, in the short term, we can see quickly how the idea of polygamy could easily become "popular" quickly among men who are more into what polygamy can do for their selfish carnal desires, and being able to just say that the wife is supposed to "submit to them" and that's that. Thus, we can see how the FORCE view of polygamy could gain a sort of "early popularity" in the beginning of our Christian Polygamy history.

And conversely, in the short term, we can see quickly how the idea of calling men to grow themselves (by and in God) to such a profound love in Christ that they help their first wives embrace Christian Polygamy could first appear to be as "less popular", simply because this does not "entice" men who are looking for having their itching ears itched in telling such carnal men that they are allowed to "do what they want". And yet, because of the CHRISTIAN part of "Christian Polygamy", we can see how the Vision of love-not-force could even perhaps not be all that "popular" among carnal men in the short term.

But truth is not a "popularity" contest anyway. :-)

And even so, in the long-term, the FORCE view is on track to actually destroy our cause of Christian Polygamy, if there is not a better way made known for us, for our fellow Christians, and for all others who may wonder about what we are doing in Christian Polygamy.

For so truly, FORCE, even if it could become "popular" among some in the short term, it will fall and it will fail. Indeed, the FORCE view of polygamy could even destroy us, if we did not have a better way available for us to get our message out.

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Why FORCE Fails
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