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The following was first posted to the "Friends and Fellowhelpers" Listservs (also known as "FAF"), by the Founder of this ministry on May 24, 2000.

-----Original Message-----
From: ! . . . TRUTH BEARER
Date: Wednesday, May 24, 2000 3:02 PM
Subject:  ** The TRUTH BEARER Agenda **


The TRUTH BEARER Mission is that of Bringing Christian Polygamy to the Churches.

We can achieve that Mission with the message of  The TRUTH BEARER Vision of love-not-force.

To cause consentual, non-abusive Christian Polygamy to be understood
for what it really is within civil society, on the premise that,
as we succeed in persuading the one single group of
    *** Scripture-believing Christian Churches ***

that consentual, non-abusive Christian Polygamy is Scriptural, righteous, and pro-woman, then all other people in civil society will eventually stop opposing polygyny, thereby bringing freedom for all legitimate polygamists.

The TRUTH BEARER Agenda is really quite simple.  The opposition to consentual adult Christian Polygamy is completely supposed upon one main sector of civil society:
  the "conservative", Scripture-believing Christian Churches.

It's actually a sort of "house of cards" that, if we can successfully "pull out" the "first floor", then all the rest of this "house of cards" of anti-polygamy will come crashing quickly down.  :-)  Indeed, if we can persuade that one single group, then thereafter, the majority of all other sectors in society will likely no longer oppose us, and we can then "be at peace" living as Christians in Christian Polygamy.

Because that one single group presently perceives that he concept of Christian Polygamy is "immoral", everyone else in civil society is led to think that way too, even as they might be far more politically or religiously "liberal" in their views, even otherwise outright opposing these "conservative" Christian Churches.  (That is, most non-conservatives tend to have a sort of "who-cares?-live-and-let-live" mindset.  That means that, if they were able to see GOOD examples of consentual  Christian Polygamy, they could care less about what we do, and if we had succeeded in helping the "conservatives" no longer call Christian Polygamy as"immoral", then the "liberals" would thereafter be as "could care less".)

But since most of us (but not all, of course) are indeed coming from that very same group, the "conservative" Christian Churches, we DO understand how these Christian Churches think, as we tend to think the same way on most other issues too.

So, the fact is, the majority of us in Christian Polygamy are FROM this same one single group on which all others in society unwittingly rely for their view toward Christian Polygamy.  :-)

That fact also (i.e., that many of us ourselves come from Scripture-believing Christian Churches), that fact herewith shows us that we are indeed only wanting to be coming from the Scriptural-basis, and not being as ones who do not believe the Scriptures.

And THAT  therefore shows us and the "conservative" Christian Churches that we actually DO have credibility when talking with our fellow brothers and sisters in these Christian Churches.  :-)

So, in the TRUTH BEARER Mission of Bringing Christian Polygamy to the Churches, those in the "conservative" Christian Churches will be able to more ably listen to us, for many of us are from among them.

And so, because of all that, we therefore, have to stop and take a crystal-clear look at what it is we are doing in all of this.

In the TRUTH BEARER Misson,  it is important that we realize that we are "selling" a "product" to a certain "customer".

We are seeking to 'sell'
to the Scripture-believing Churches (our 'customer')
that they can indeed 'buy' the truth of our message of
Christian Polygamy being Scriptural and righteous.

And with this realized, we have to remember...

To effectively "sell" something anyone,  you have to
know the "customer",
know how they think,
know how they can be turned off,
know what will distract them, and
know what will keep them coming back for more.

That requires us, therefore, to be cognizant of how we 'sell' our 'product' to our 'customer'.

But not only that (and this is critically important!), we have to also make sure that we keep ourselves, being the "salesmen", as clean and inoffensive to the "customer" as possible.

In the TRUTH BEARER Mission, we need to know the following...

Who is our "customer"?
How does our "customer" think?
What can turn them off?
What will keep them coming back for more?
What is the "product" we are "selling" to them?
What is our "salespitch"?
How do we stay focused on our "salespitch"?
How do we as a "salesforce" present ourselves to the "customer"
How do we keep ourselves appearing "clean"?


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