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About Last Names for Second+ Wives

One of the most frequently asked questions, when it comes to practical concerns of being married to more than one wife in Christian Polygamy, pertains to the ractical matter of how to get "last names" for second wives.

Because modern laws in most countries presently do not legally "allow" more than one wife at a time to be "legally recognized", Christian Polygamous families are thereby prevented from having any second or additional wives be able to acquire the husband's "last name" through marriage. This is, of course, unless the presently "legally married" wife is instead "legally divorced" (only in paper), so that the second wife may then "legally marry" afterward and thereby acquire the "last name" too.

At the FRIENDS AND FELLOWHELPERS listserv (aka, "FAF"), this question has been asked on more than one occasion. On January 21, 2000, this matter was raised again when one family's first wife made a post, asking about the issue of her possibly getting a "Legal Divorce" with her husband (but "only on paper", and not in actuality according to God) as a way she could help an incoming second wife to their family be able to have marital "rights" as well as also have her husband's "last name" too.

The Founder of this ministry then posted the "Legal Divorce" of 1st Wives reply to her. Alongside that post to her at the FRIENDS AND FELLOWHELPERS listserv, the Founder also REPOSTED a previous post sent back in June, 1999, pertaining to the "last names" matter.

Below is the copy of that REPOST, which specifically pertains only to the matter of "last names" for second wives.

-----Original Message-----
From: . . . TRUTH BEARER
To: FAF listserv
Date: Monday, January 24, 2000 2:05 PM
Subject: **REPOST** last names [of more wives]

Greetings in the love of the Lord.

Dear FellowHELPERS,

This is a REPOST of a post I made several months ago (i.e., last June, 1999), which pertains to the question asked by [[woman asking question]], regarding the issue of last names for wives. (Please see my other post alongside this one here, titled, "About 'Legal Divorce' of 1st Wives".)

-----Original Message-----
From: . . . TRUTH BEARER
Date: Thursday, June 24, 1999 7:33 PM
Subject: Re: last names

Greetings in the love of the Lord Jesus Christ the Redeemer!

Dear Z.,

Welcome to this listserv, and thank you for posting your very good question indeed.


-----Original Message-----
From: Z.
To: FAF listserv
Date: Thursday, June 24, 1999 12:41 PM
Subject: last names

I am very new the poly marriage and plan on becoming a second wife. My question pertains to the last name of children that my husband and I have. Should they have his last name, my last name, hyphenated? Please help. Also, do I keep my last name or legally change it to his? Thanks for the comments.

Praise YHVH,



Congratulations on your forthcoming marriage. I pray that your new life will be a blessing for you, your husband, and your entire family.

Notwithstanding the very important legal warnings to not misrepresent yourself or marital status in legal matters, I would suggest that it is still possible for YOU to still "get" your husband's last name too. No, I would not recommend attempting a "legal" marriage to a man who is already "legally" married. Nor do I necessarily recommend the idea of your husband "legally divorcing" his first wife in order to then marry you "legally". Rather, one can simply go to civil court and get their name changed "legally". And then, there you are! Same last name as your husband, even though not "legally" recognized that way. But your children would have the same last name by a matter of birth, whether it be by YOUR (new) "last name" or by their father's. :-)

As for your children having a "hyphenated name", my own personal "bias" is, I confess, rather strongly against that, seeing it as something which "liberal" "feminists" have been doing for quite some time now. But, like I said, I confess that is my bias here, so I ask for your understanding in that. :-)

But anyway, I do need to add one thing here. I am not a lawyer, so please do not regard my thoughts here on this matter as any sort of official "legal advice". Before doing any such actions, please do see your own attorney first. While you are certainly welcome to take my ideas to your attorney, please run it by an attorney whom you trust!

I've simply added my thoughts to your very good question, and hope it helps in perhaps in some small way ---as long as your attorney can find a way to utilize them to your benefit without subsequent detriment to you.

Anyway, Z, thanks again for bringing such a good question to the listserv.

I look forward to more of your posts here indeed.

May the Lord bless you and your coming marriage and family!

YHWH bless...

   Acts 24:14

© January 24, 2000, The Standard Bearer
P.O. Box 765, O.O.B., ME 04064
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Last Names for Second Wives
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