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Testimony Requesting a Trial Before "All the Church": Is this TRUTH or Heresy?  [ Menu ]

Testimony Requesting a Trial Before "All the Church": Is this TRUTH or Heresy?

Chapter 2
A Doctrine Defined

Everywhere one turns, there are Christians professing to believe all of Scripture. Yet, after a little probing, it becomes evident that they have devised "stop-signs" at which they refuse to travel further down the path in pursuing Truth. Many such "stop signs" have been addressed in several of these past writings at my own hand.

But for this writing here, may all disagreement about such other "stop signs" be put aside. Instead, may only the one point of issue I now discuss be that which is contemplated. That is to say, even though many may disagree (at this time) with the doctrine of the Sabbath, let them put that doctrine and "stop sign" aside for now as they contemplate only that which is discussed in this writing here. (For as they contemplate the reasoned argumentation applied herein, let them likewise consider that such strong reasoning through the Scriptures is also apt to be applied in another discussion regarding the Sabbath, or in any other doctrinal discussion.)

Moreover, may this writing and such reasoned argumentation hereof bear testimony that I come "not with excellency of speechor of wisdom". (1_Corinthians 2:1d.) May all see and say henceforth that "my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man's wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power". (1_Corinthians 2:4.) I pray that this bear testimony (not only of grace but) that I, in truth, "speak, not in the words which man's wisdom teacheth, but which the Holy Ghost teacheth; comparing spiritual things with spiritual." (1_Corinthians 2:13[a]-d.)

For over two years, I tell you that God has brought forth the truth regarding the true meaning and doctrine of Adultery, the 7th Commandment of the Ten Commandments. For over two years, I have repeatedly offered that anyone who would "disagree" is welcome, invited, and even requested to openly search the Scriptures with me together in Love in person. Instead, however, all I have ever received from such is written rebukes that offer no correct correction nor opportunity to respond.

It would be so much more efficient to have an open discussion on the matter than to go through the process of repeating what has already been written at my own hand. Unfortunately, however, few have ever permitted me a continued dialogue after my initial response to their rebuke.

And again, I now here ask, before any one would hastily rush to judgment and rebuke for what comes henceforth of this writing, would such, first, read on to the conclusion hereof with the peace and grace of God? And thereafter, may such then come asking before rebuking.

Unto those whose eyes, ears, and hearts are open to God's word, may what follows be received with love.

Indeed, na'aph, the Hebrew word, from which is the translation of Adultery, means "woman that breaketh wedlock". In Matthew 19:9, Jesus was simply repeating the principles of Deuteronomy 24:1-4 exactly as in the beginning when it had been written! As such, in Matthew 19:9, the first husband commits Adultery because he CAUSED the first wife to "break her wedlock contract/covenant" when he "put her away" (for any reason but "uncleanness/fornication"). The first wife commits Adultery because she in fact "breaks her wedlock contract" with her first husband when she marries the second. The second husband commits Adultery for participating in that first wife's act of "breaking her wedlock contract" with her first husband. But notice, the first husband's second wife is not guilty of committing Adultery. Indeed, if the first husband had not "put away" the first wife in order to marry the second wife, he would not have committed Adultery by also marrying the second wife.

(Wherefore? He would not have CAUSED his "first wife" to "break her wedlock contract/covenant" with him"!) After all, the principles of determining Adultery exactly follow and parallel those of determining Idolatry. This is a spiritual truth that has no association whatsoever with the works of the flesh.

For over two years through this my tabernacle, I tell you that God has continuously opened up the overwhelming quantities of evidence in Scripture by which this truth is proved. Issues such as "One Wife" (first wife), as Solomon in 1_Kings 11:3-4 (fulfilled Deuteronomy 17:14,17), and as other issues, which people have been taught to believe could dispute this revelation, have already been addressed in previous writings at my own hand, (and I tell you) by the Will of God.

© December 4, 1996, The Standard Bearer
P.O. Box 765, O.O.B., ME 04064

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Truth Tracts
Testimony Requesting a Trial Before "All the Church": Is this TRUTH or Heresy?
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Chapter 2 - A Doctrine Defined
Chapter 3 - Five Revelations of Relevance
Chapter 4 - Why Letter Included
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Chapter 8 - For Fear, Not "Tried"
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Chapter 11 - In Love and Grace, I Request Mercy & "Trial"


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