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The "Grace / Law Hypocrisy"   [ Menu ]

The TRUTH on The "Grace / Law Hypocrisy"

Chapter 5

What? Do you now say you have not done so? Ah, but have you not? O stiffnecked hypocrites, yes you have in deed and in truth! You have made that which is righteous and holy to be an evil thing before all the world!

What? Have you not? Then answer this, would David's family (of 1_Chronicles 3:1-9) be welcome in your fellowship? Would Moses' family (of Exodus 18:1-6 and Numbers 12:1) be welcome in your home?

Ah, you talk a talk, but you would otherwise, in very deed, turn such righteous and holy men of God away from you!

But was not the Spirit of God upon David and Moses, per 1_Samuel 16:13 through 2_Samuel 23:1-2, and per Numbers 11:17? Would you dare commit "blasphemy against the Holy Ghost ((which)) shall not be forgiven unto men" (Matthew 12:31[c]) to insist on doctrine which proclaims that the Spirit supposedly "failed" to convict such righteous and holy men of being supposedly guilty of sin?

Would you call Scripture a liar for saying 1_Kings 15:3,5 (where that mentioned "matter" caused 2_Samuel 12:14b, whereas 2_Samuel chapter 24 did not, wherefore it was not mentioned again)? Would you call God a sinner for saying 2_Samuel 12:8 (which clearly refers to 2_Samuel 3:2-6,14-16 and 5:12-13,15-16)? Would you call Jesus a sinner for saying a supposedly immoral parable in Matthew 25:1-13? Would you call God an adulterer for Jeremiah chapter 3?

O stiffnecked hypocrites, have you never read the literal definition of the Hebrew word in Exodus 20:14, na`aph? Does not a quick and literal review of the old translations clearly reveal that 1_Corinthians 7:10-11,25a,27-28d (because 27c,28a-b with new 28c-d is commanded 11c by God with any previous 11d) does reiterate Exodus 21:10? Did not Jesus in Matthew 19:9 answer the question (worded in verse 3) exactly with Deuteronomy 24:1? If your tradition were true, would God have ever put it into the Law, as in Exodus 21:10 and in Deuteronomy 21:15? Indeed, of this your tradition of men, being such lies in hypocrisy, was this not expressly prophesied to come to pass, in 1_Timothy 4:1-3a, and thereby you would reject and despise that which was ordained for all churches in 1_Corinthians 7:17?

What has changed, God or man? It is man (no, not the Lord GOD), yes, it is man alone who has changed things, making that which is righteous and holy to be that which is rejected and despised, and turned things upside down, in total hypocrisy.

O stiffnecked hypocrites! As you void the Fourth Commandment, you claim "Grace" as your self-justification. Then why do you conversely claim the "Law" to self-justify your making the Seventh Commandment more legalistically-restrictive in the "times" of "Grace" than it had ever been in the "times" of the "Law"?

Indeed, claiming more "Grace" than you should, you have made Exodus 20:8-11, a Commandment of God, of none effect by your tradition. Conversely, claiming more "Law" than you should, you have made Exodus 20:14, a Commandment of God, more legalistically-restrictive in the "times" of "Grace" than it had even been in the "times" of the "Law".

O the depths of the hypocrisy of the "Grace/Law Hypocrisy"! Yes, you unrepentant hypocrites have made that which is righteous and holy to be that which is rejected and despised. Yes, you stiffnecked hypocrites have turned the things of God upside down!

© August 4, 1997, The Standard Bearer
P.O. Box 765, O.O.B., ME 04064

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The "Grace / Law Hypocrisy"
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