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What To Read First

What to Read First

How God Blessed David

Malachi 3:6a-b

2_Timothy 3:16-17      2_Peter 1:20-21      1_Corinthians 14:32

Hebrews 13:8

How God
Messiah David

"Would You Blaspheme
the Holy Ghost?")

A Revelation of Scripture brought through
the Founder of

For the Hebrew & Greek Scriptures, this Scripture-Study requires KJV and STRONG's.

This Scripture-Study is provided so as to be photocopied and given to anyone who is a "pastor" or "teacher" of Scripture. ((This is "Written Permission" for visitors to TRUTH BEARER web-site, but the above details must be included with all reproductions.)) It is provided also to reveal the fulfillment of prophecy, given by the Spirit of God, that such Truth of God would be rejected, denied, and "forbidden" in "the latter times". As the Holy Ghost reveals, this Scripture-Study proves itself by Scripture alone. If anyone professes to know the Ten Commandments (especially the 7th Commandment), their reaction to this Scripture-Study will prove whether or not they really do know and obey the Ten Commandments, and whether or not they join others in "forbidding" the Truth of God (as the Holy Ghost had "expressly" foretold). In deed and in truth, their reaction will prove whether or not they really believe, in Truth, what the Holy Scriptures and the Holy Ghost actually say and have said. But may all hereby be forewarned: As the Holy Ghost would not ever "fail" to convict such a Spirit-filled one as David of sin, to therefore accuse the Holy Ghost of supposedly "failing" to do so is certainly a Blasphemy against the Holy Ghost. (God would NEVER keep blessing a repeated and unrepentant sinner. Because God continued to bless Spirit-filled David, therefore David was IN NO WAY a repeated and unrepentant sinner.) May all who read this not so falsely accuse David, that they not so Blaspheme the Holy Ghost. May the fulfillment of the prophecy, of which "the Spirit speaketh expressly" in Scripture, be understood. May Love and Scripture be the Standard (as by the Holy Ghost), proving with whom the Truth of God is believed with ALL faith.

Search the Scriptures with Search Tools
Look up these
in order
study this

Isaiah 55:3-4

Acts 4:(24),25

Acts 7:45c-46

Acts 13:36

Hebrews 11:32

Acts 2:(4,14),29-30a

      1_Peter 1:10a,11b

           1_Samuel 16:13 >> 2_Samuel 23:1-2

           Acts 1:16

           Hebrews 4:7 (Hebrews 3:7, re: Psalms 95:7)

Mark 12:36 ((re: Psalms 110:1))

#1 1_Samuel 18:27-28

      1_Samuel 19:11-17 >> 1_Samuel 25:44 >> 2_Samuel 3:14-16

((1_Samuel 22:1-2)) "400 men"

#3 1_Samuel 25:3 ((entire chapter))

      1_Samuel 25:32,(38),39

      1_Samuel 25:29,(24-31)

      1_Samuel 25:29,39,29

      1_Samuel 25:42

      >>> 1_Samuel 30:1-2,8,18

#21_Samuel 25:43

((1_Samuel 27:2)) "+200 more men"

((1_Samuel 27:6)) "Town of Ziklag"

((2_Samuel 2:1-4; 5:4-5)) "Judah"

#2 - 7 2_Samuel 3:2-5

#1 ((back)) 2_Samuel 3:14-16

((2_Samuel 5:1-7)) "All Israel"

#8+...(10 more)+? 2_Samuel 5:13-16 (2_Samuel 15:16; 16:21)

1_Kings 11:4-6

     ((1_Kings 11:3


             Deuteronomy 17:(14),17))

1_Kings 11:34

      ((Exodus 20:14; Exodus 21:10; Deuteronomy 21:15a))

      [ STRONG'S, Hebrew Dictionary, #5003, na'aph ]

      Matthew 5:17-18; Malachi 3:6a-b; Hebrews 13:8

1_Kings 15:3-5

2_Samuel chapter 11

           2_Samuel 12:1-7

           2_Samuel 12:8 >> (2_Samuel 3:14-15,2-5; 5:13,15,16)

           2_Samuel 12:8-14

           2_Samuel 12:11 >> (2_Samuel 15:16; 16:21-22)

1_Chronicles 3:5 (2_Samuel 11:3; 5:14; 12:23-25)

      Luke 3:23,31

           Acts 13:22-23

           Romans 1:3

           2_Timothy 2:8

           Revelation 5:5

           Revelation 22:16

1_Kings 15:3,5

Isaiah 55:3-4

Mark 12:36   (Matthew 22:43)

      Acts 2:29-30a; 1_Peter 1:10a,11b

           MATTHEW 12:31-32

                   (Malachi 3:6a-b)

Matthew 12:31-32

1_Timothy 4:1-7,(1,3a,4-5)

Acts 24:14

© December 4, 1996, The Standard Bearer
P.O. Box 765, O.O.B., ME 04064
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