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Polygamy in the Media

Court TV
  September 21, 2007
    Jami Floyd: BEST DEFENSE

CourtTV   News
September 21, 2007
CourtTV News

On September 21, 2007, Mark Henkel, the Founder of the organization, again appeared as a phone-in guest on the pay network CourtTV's news talk show, Jami Floyd: BEST DEFENSE. He had been asked back, after being on the show the day before. Also again, speaking over a backdrop of his own picture and a satellite image of Old Orchard Beach, Maine, Mr. Henkel was there to provide a national perspective in the then-current trial, Warren Jeffs.

The discussion was excellent and went very well. Ms. Floyd made some very positive statements and asked good questions

After one of the viewers emailed in the assertion that polygamists only want to have as much s*x with as many women at the same time as possible, Ms. Floyd asked for a comment. Mr. Henkel answered, "Psychologists call that transference - where a person transfers what they think about something onto somebody else. And really, the person who suggests that polygamy is all about the s*x is revealing the psychological fact about themselves, that they're the ones who think about s*x all the time. If you think of women as a sum of just simply body parts, it's ridiculous. Women are incredible. They're intelligent. They're beautiful. They have everything about them. And if you think women are going to sit around and tolerate just being a sum of body parts, you're never going to be a polygamist in the first place."

Asking why people or society seem to want to "stamp out" polygamy, Ms. Floyd asked if one of the reasons might be because "people misunderstand it?" Mr. Henkel replied with another of his well-known sound-bites. He said, "Well I, certainly, think it's misunderstanding. It's like, anyone who's really going to be a polygamist, it's like, you have to know numbers in order to then add. You have to know how to add to multiply. You have to know how to multiply in order to do algebra, to geometry, to trigonometry, to calculus. Just because someone, a man, is able to grow up and care about women, to the point that they would embrace this and see him as a good man, then it's a similar point of a man being capable of knowing calculus and someone who only understands third grade multiplication can't conceive how calculus is possible - so they want to stamp it out.

So that polygamy rights supporters may hear this entire interview, an audio-recording of this interview is freely available in the Members Area. (For anyone who is not yet a member, simply JOIN TODAY!, and then you may hear it right after you log in!)

Both Mr. Henkel and the entire organization are grateful to CourtTV for providing the opportunity to let the real issues about polygamy to be presented. The entire organization is grateful indeed.
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