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Court TV Morning with Vinnie Politan  [ Menu ]

Polygamy in the Media

Court TV Morning with Vinnie Politan
  March 28, 2006
     Response to "Big Love"

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Court TV Radio - Sirius 110
March 28, 2006
7:30 am EST (U.S.)
New York, NY
Court TV Morning with Vinnie Politan

On March 28, 2006, COURT TV's satellite radio program, Court TV Morning with Vinnie Politan, on Sirius 110, discussed the polygamy topic. Mark Henkel, the Founder of, appeared as a guest, answering questions from the host as well as from a caller. Interestingly, this show was only the second day of their brand new show on satellite radio.

The interview went so well that the show had Mr. Henkel return again as a guest for the topic of polygamy. The host, Vinnie Politan, asked some very good questions to which Mr. Henkel was able to provide some very good soundbite answers. To list only a few, here are some of those quotes.

MARK HENKEL: Well, it's not that we're after legalization, but rather, de-criminalization. And frankly, the fact is, that Constitutionally, the government has no authority defining marriage. So anti-polygamy is, actually, what taught the homosexuals that they should pursue the biological impossiblity of "same sex marriage." So what we're saying is, "Get government out of it, where it never should have been in the first place." And then you never would have had this monster of the biological impossibility of "same sex marriage" to begin with.

VINNIE POLITAN: So, on the one hand, so you're a proponent of "gay marriage" also?

MARK HENKEL: Absolutely not. Absolutely not.

VINNIE POLITAN: But the same principle...

MARK HENKEL: No, it's not the same principle. It's the exact opposite.

VINNIE POLITAN: Ok, well explain the difference to me.

MARK HENKEL: It's true conservatism. True conservatism is a position of limited govermment. You will not find the word, in "marriage," of "marriage," in the Constitution anywhere. It has no basis for being there. But, conservatives pretending to be conservatives, actually being liberal, use big government liberalism to have government re-define marriage to say that polygamy is not marriage when it's more historic than anti-polygamy. It's been in the Bible back to Genesis. So, the point is, they use big government liberalism to define a doctrine that the Constitution never gave government in the first place. And then that created this monster called, "government marriage," that marriage is somehow defined "by government."

VINNIE POLITAN: ...Mark, people, people look at it and say, "You know what, Is this polygamy? Is it just for men?" Because historically, the way we've seen it, the way it's been presented to us, is that it's one man with a whole bunch of women. Are you advocating just that, or it could be the other way around, where a woman could have five husbands?

MARK HENKEL: What we're saying is that government has no authority to decide either way.

VINNIE POLITAN: So either one is okay?

MARK HENKEL: It's free market economics. And just because you have the freedom to make 500 million dollars doesn't mean everybody's going to.

VINNIE POLITAN: Is there any limit on the number of wives, or the number of husbands, that someone could have?

MARK HENKEL: The issue isn't about limits. The limitation is based on the dynamics of the relationships. If you have consenting intelligent women in an adult situation - that has none of the ridiculous things of underage and all that - then it's whatever the familes themselves are going to choose. The idea that there's some arbitrary number, or, or ridiculousness - again, it's free market economics.

VINNIE POLITAN: And how about the kids? I mean, how do the kids do it? It's tough enough being a child, but, doesn't it get a little confusing?

MARK HENKEL: Well, actually, see, that's the paradigm again. Christian Polygamy is, is realizing that we're in a culture of abandoned single moms over and over and over. And now we're talking about real men that want to stand up, instead of this culture of "dumbed down males" of "baby daddies" and marriage-phobic [males]. These [Christian Polygamists] are men who care about children and want to stand up and be there, and truly are committed to marriage and being there. And so now children are able to be raised by women that do want to be - say, one woman wants to work, another one wants to stay home and raise the children. The children are now being raised by people that love them - instead of low-paid strangers while the single abandoned mom works like a hamster in the wheel just to pay for daycare.

VINNIE POLITAN: But does the Bible advocate polygamy? Is there, is there a passage in the Bible that says, this is the way it should be? Or is it just silent on the issue?

MARK HENKEL: Well, it's neither, it's neither silent nor is it saying this is the way to be. Basically, it's, be it no wife, one wife, or more than one wife, from a religious standpoint, it's only as God would call. And all the family, all the consenting adults would choose. So, the point is, that it's not some arbitrary number. It's free market economics. And it's about men being men who are committed to marriage in this society of "marriage-phobic baby daddies."

VINNIE POLITAN: Wow. That's a mouthful. Now, what's the biggest challenge. We're watching this on "Big Love," and it might be stereotypes, but they said they did research, the biggest challenge in being a polygamist if you've got all these wives and all these children, What's the reality of it?

MARK HENKEL: You've really got to be mature and understand women. It's, it's, just because you don't understand the depths of the intimate dynamics of more than one wife doesn't mean that it's not possible. It's just like a third grader just learns how to multiply, but they certainly don't know how to do algebra. And that's the same point, it's advance maturity on a man's part to really understand women and nurture them and help each one to be what they want to be - not what he's dictating like some chest-pounder - but to nurture and help them be and choose what they want to have for their lives.

VINNIE POLITAN: Ah, Laurence from North Carolina just said, You know what, he read the whole Bible, and it says no to gay marriage, it says no to polygamy.

MARK HENKEL: He's wrong on the second part. And I can, I can fill up the next thirty minutes showing you over and over and over.

VINNIE POLITAN: We don't have that time.

MARK HENKEL: I know you don't. I know you don't. 2 Samuel 12:8, God said He gave David his wives. Jeremiah 3, God describes Himself as a polygamist. Matthew 25, Jesus describes Himself as a polygamist. Ezekiel 23, God describes Himself as a polygamist. Moses wrote the first five books of the Bible, including "Adam & Eve" and "one flesh" - and Moses had two wives. All of these men had wives and not once were they were ever called sinners [for that], not once were they ever condemned [for it].

The host was very positive about the interview. The organization is genuinely grateful to the show for both the opportunity and for their treating Mr. Henkel so respectfully.

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