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The History and Philosophy of Marriage   [ Menu ]

The History and Philosophy
    of Marriage


  List of copycats who copycatted the text of this public domain book
    straight off the web-site of

[Update Posted: August 20, 2012]

For the sake of clarity, use of the term, copycat, on this web-page refers to anyone who
  1. had learned about this book, "The History and Philosophy of Marriage; or, Polygamy and Monogamy Compared"
    from either this organization's founder, Mark Henkel, or from the web-site,, and/or

  2. had taken action to copy the book after this organization had posted it for free online, and/or

  3. had subsequently copied it in one form or another (whether online or in hard-copy) for their own web-site or their own sales.
It is irrelevant whether they scoured the data of text from this web-site directly, or whether they went out and obtained an original antique copy from which to still copy the book for their own purposes/gain. Despite the book being offered for free here at, their self-based efforts clearly self-identify them as, Copycats.

Mark Henkel, the founder of the organization, is the one lone person who first found this book, "The History and Philosophy of Marriage; or, Polygamy and Monogamy Compared" and made it available for free online. Anyone ever reading it now from the internet do so only because of his finding it first, and his being committed to getting it out to the public. In the late 1990s, after someone else had been trying to steal it in order to sell the book for money, Mark Henkel chose to put it all online for free - first at the site, and then at directly. Even the Way-Back site archived it at as far back as May 5, 2001, even as it had been at the web-site for much longer than that. The link to the book at also has been in the "Open Directory Project" for as many years too. (The Way Back site also archived the ODP listing as far back as February 25, 2002.)

Even though the original person who tried to copycat and sell the book later abandoned his family and stopped promoting polygamy altogether, the entire book has always remained free online at in normal, easy-to-read web-pages.

As Mark Henkel's personal Miraculous Testimony about the book shows, he has always had reason to be dedicated to getting the book to the public!

But that has not stopped other people from also trying to copycat the book too. Unscrupulous companies who are not even responsible for the copycatting have unfortunately made it necessary for our organization to have to make this page, listing others who have also copycatted the text of this book straight off the web-site.

We do not do this for ourselves, nor even because of the copycatters themselves. After all, it is obvious that real Christians would only rejoice in sharing a Miraculous Testimony instead of copycatting for their own selves. Aside from that, though, it is other unscrupulous companies barely even involved who have tied our organization's hands. (For example, has knowingly refused to remove imposter-text claiming to be made by our organization which we had never authorized.) Because of the unscrupulous companies, we are required to make his page here. Of course, if the actual copycatters themselves choose to remove the books they copycatted, we would be more than happy to identify below when they removed them. We really do not want to be listing this.

  • 2004 - William Clyde, On his brand-new Mormon polygamy site in 2004, he copycatted the entire text of the copied book and linked it straight from his site's front page.

  • 2005 - Nathan Braun, self-published. This man has never been known by anyone in the Christian Polygamy movement. Knowing how famous that the organization had made the book, Nathan Braun used to self-publish it. He went so far as to add to the title that his copycat edition of the book is supposedly "A Christian Polygamy Sourcebook" - as if to imply that the completely unknown Nathan Braun was somehow involved in a movement of which he has never been a part. Then, on, Nathan Braun wrote a fake "review" of the book. (The fake "review" was posted on October 17, 2005 and remained on until January 17, 2010. To maintain the evidence, a Google cache of the fake "review" has been captured.) Posting the fake "review" himself, Nathan Braun outright plagiarized Mark Henkel's entire personal Miraculous Testimony about when Mr. Henkel found the book back in 1994. Nathan Braun's "review" then it made it look like Nathan Braun was the founder of, as if this organization supported the copycatting of that book by Nathan Braun! By committing the fraud of plagiarizing Mr. Henkel's Miraculous Testimony to increase sales, Nathan Braun was fully aware of his actions. He was knowingly exploiting the organization's brand and work so that he could defraud buyers and make money for himself. Any money that Nathan Braun may have made from sales of the book can thus only be viewed as money that he intentionally took away from the real Christian Polygamy movement for lining his own pockets - not for the movement at all. This was no mere "honest mistake." Nathan Braun was knowingly committing fraud to make money for himself and to falsely imply that he was part of the Christian Polygamy movement. Yet, the fact is, Nathan Braun has never, ever been known by anyone in the real movement at all.

  • 2008 - Todd Webb, A young man known by the handle, "Duke of Marshall," started a brand-new site in 2008. On his site, someone copycatted the entire text of the book into a PDF file. In doing so, they openly admit that they got their copy from the very same convicted criminal who had originally copycatted the book for sale, even though that ex-convict had abandoned his family, was fully discredited, and is no longer around.

  • 2009 - Don Milton, This man is simply a quite wealthy businessman, having very nice homes in the Philippines and Arizona. This web-site is the (first) website of his four known web-sites; and, it has undergone many changes, including previously selling vacuum cleaners. He is the owner/webmaster of the (second) one-man website of, a name by which many might perceive is perhaps the closest stereotypically-understood description to his actual beliefs, if even that. At the same time, however, he is also the known owner/webmaster of this other (third) one-man, yet-inaccurately-named force polygamy website, in which he uses this link-navigation system of Mouse-off and Mouse-over linking. Lastly, he is also the owner/webmaster of this other (fourth) one-man website, where he has written how much he absolutely opposes and detests "love-not-force," the already-previously-established Standard of true Christian Polygamy. Although no congregation of church-attending believers has ever verified attending any actual church he pastors, he has regularly presented himself by the personalized-church title of "Pastor Don Milton." At the end of 2009, this man also self-published another hard-copy re-version of this 1869 book, "The History and Philosophy of Marriage; or, Polygamy and Monogamy Compared". Giving it a new title, "Polygamy and Monogamy," he simply re-published it for sale on his revised site,, along with his other one-man self-published books.
    [Update Posted: August 20, 2012] - As Pro-polygamists were preparing for Polygamy Day ® 12, Don Milton was apparently more concerned with attempting to intimidate the organization with supposed "legal action." On August 17, 2012, this unprofessional envelope [PDF] was received by the organization. It contained this letter [PDF]. Not only was the letter un-dated, but it attempted to present itself as if any legitimate attorney had even perused it. As the letter reveals, Don Milton was NOT upset about - and did not dispute - ANY of the accurate information presented in the previous foregoing sentences in this one paragraph about him here. Rather, he was hung up on the mere semantic of the heading at the top of this web-page, that stated, "List of copycats who copycatted the text of this public domain book straight off the web-site of" While the forgoing sentences in this paragraph about him here had made it accurately clear just how he had been a Copycat, and despite the fact that he was not opposing any of that more-descriptive content in this paragraph about him, he figured that he had "legal credibility" for the mere semantic issue. Namely, he claimed that he could prove that he had obtained an original hardcopy of the antique book in 2009, and that he had copied that book for his re-publication of the book. He even provided a link to his own web-page that displayed his receipt for the 2009 purchase [PDF]. But that changes nothing. Don Milton had known about the book being posted online at the web-site as far back as the 1990s. Moreover, as the TruthBearer Vision of Love-Not-Force had historically begun on July 13, 1999, and his posting about how he absolutely opposes and detests "love-not-force," was posted in 2007, it was not until 2009 when he finally "purchased" his own hardcopy of the antique original book. Indeed, this book, "The History and Philosophy of Marriage; or, Polygamy and Monogamy Compared", had been posted on the web-site of the organization for over a decade before Don Milton self-reportedly acquired his own hardcopy from which to re-publish it for his own gain. Without a doubt, his re-published version of the book was still nothing less than that of knowingly copying what he had already long known was available at the web-site. Absolutely, this is an example of being a Copycat.

It is genuinely unfortunate and sad that such people have chosen to copycat and that unscrupulous companies have made it necessary for us to have to make this public page. As sad as it is, though, it is true that this situation does show how truly successful that Mark Henkel and the organization have become. After all, nobody copycats failures. They only copycat the successful. Even so, the organization would rather not have this kind of spectacle created or compelled upon us by others. The preference would be that all copycat editions be removed so that we can report that all have made such removals.

Mark Henkel has asked all supporters to have a heart of Christ toward these individuals and to pray for all concerned.

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