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History: Reforming the Reform

Excellent quote pertains to
   Christian Polygamy History
   and to Love-Not-Force....

On January 11, 2001, a person on the Fellowhelpers listserv of FAF shared the following excellent quote:

"Every reform, however necessary, will by weak minds be carried to an excess, that itself will need reforming."
Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834)

Explaining why they were sharing that excellent quote with us, that friend wrote,
>Thought that to be a careful warning to us all.


So true!

What a blessing that friend had brought in sharing that very important quote here indeed! Truly, that quote DOES make for such an excellent forewarning!

For, it has actually happened already with regard to modern Christian Polygamy history!

Indeed, this is exactly what has happened in Christian Polygamy, in Continuing the Reformation, and how the TRUTH BEARER Vision of love-not-force is about "again reforming" in that very same way!

Back in the pre-online days, when the Founder of was first out there all alone laying down the original useable Christian Polygamy argumentations in his newspaper to the masses, the beginning of this continuation of the reformation regarding Christian Polygamy was pure, not once about giving "free license" to men to do whatever they wanted ---even though the Founder was not then aware specifically that there would be a difference between things later to be known as FORCE and as love-not-force.

The reform had begun pure, the start of modern Christian Polygamy. That is, while the Lord was opening the hearts of men around the world ***who did not know each other*** to know that polygyny was not sinful, it was not until there were actually USEABLE explained-out argumentations to Scripturally "prove" this to others that would enable the reform to actually begin (where others would learn and then pass on to others, which is how any Cause, how any valid reform, actually or technically begins and advances). And that is where the Founder's newspaper, The Standard Bearer, came in. Most of other such men (even though not knowing each other) would, of course, know that many Patriarchs in the Word of God had more than one wife, no doubt. But to address every argument in a useable way in being brought to the masses, that was what was needed to get things started, and that was what The Standard Bearer newspaper did, as the reform therewith began. As that happened, the message of Christian Polygamy was begun with a pure message in its reform. Accordingly, it was after the useable argumentations were then laid out, as published to the public, that the reform was then able to go forward, as the history of Christian Polygamy then advanced.

So, again, the original reform had begun pure, the start of modern Christian Polygamy. Yet, what would later be realized as what we now know as the FORCE view of polygamy was not intended to be part of that beginning of this reform at all.

But it turns out that, while the Founder himself did not realize it at the time time, the then-to-follow advance of what would later be known as the FORCE view of polygamy had actually been foretold, and a forewarning given so as to know how to discern it.

In fact, as it turned out, the very month in which one of the Founder's newspaper's readers brought the argumentations learned from the newspaper to the WWW for the first time, Feburary 1996, he had, in that month's issue, even written a TRUTH Tract (as published at the web-site of, in which it was actually foretelling (and forewarning) that some men would latch on to this concept of polygyny and claim they were of God, but the proof that they were NOT so actually "called of the Lord" would be shown by their not walking in the selfless love as Christ so loves the Churches, not walking as per Ephesians 5:25. (The TRUTH Tract is titled, "The TRUTH: Obedience in Love for a Sign", (c) Feburary 4, 1996.) The next month after which that was written, the Founder was shown, firsthand and personally, by one of his newspaper's readers, how they themselves had started their first web-site on the "new thing" called the internet.

And no doubt, years later it soon became clear, as when the Founder came to the internet later on too, that a changed idea of supposed "Christian Polygamy" had taken in hold in some men. This was what would later be identified and understood as what has now come to be known as the "FORCE" view of polygamy, a concept which was nothing as which had been started back when the Founder had been previously laying down the original argumentations to the masses in the newspaper, before these argumentations were later brought to the web by one of the newspaper's own readers.

It was tragic for many to witness such "carrying to excess" of Christian Polygamy as men started thinking and asserting that they could do whatever they want, and as long as they self-proclaimed the phrase, "God called me", there was no accountability to the carnage they were creating!

And carnage they were indeed creating!    Very tragic!

Without doubt, the spirits of self-exaltation and self-justification had gone abounding, not only deceiving stiffnecked carnal men, but even afflicting some good men too. It was very sad to witness.

Indeed, in some circles, men were all seeing/learning-to-use the fabricated claim to being "called of God" in order to FORCE polygamy on their first wives, as the simple assertion by which they could insist they were supposedly authorized to be so heartless to their first wives. (God forbid.)

This occurred because many men (not all) had gone looking for their "Balaam" to sell them what they wanted to hear, that they could be free to FORCE polygamy, whether their first wife accepted it or not.

(For readers here who are not familiar with the Scriptural reference to Balaam, the "prophet for profit", please see Jude 11, Revelation 2:14, 2_Peter 2:15, all in reference to Numbers 22:7,17 and 24:11, et al. And yes, there is also a TRUTH Tract that has been written about this too, although it has not yet been posted to the web-site of It was titled, "The TRUTH On Balaam", and was in the July 4,1997 issue of The Standard Bearer. It might be posted to the web-site of sometime in the future, as time permits.)

These men then found their "Balaams" (whom they wanted), ones who would indeed act as a "prophet" to them to sell them exactly the way these men wanted their itching ears to be itched. They didn't want to hear that they themselves needed to grow in Christ, but instead wanted to hear of some way in which they could have carte blanche to self-justify having more wives with or without their first wive's willingness for it too.

That is what what such men went looking for and that is what they found. Many of such men even gave their money to their "Balaam" who sold to them the FORCE rhetoric, that, supposedly, all a man had to do is self-proclaim that God supposedly "called" the man to FORCE polygamy, and no one could tell them otherwise.

Their would-be "Balaam", their "prophet for profit", as it were, unremorsefully sold to them the concept of the seductively clever obvious *truth* that God can do whatever He wants and a man should and must OBEY, regardless of what others think. Who could argue with that seductively clever obvious *truth*? Yet who could hold them accountable for such an unprovable self-proclamation for their own lives as supposedly being "called" of God to FORCE polygamy?

With that wholly unaccountable rhetoric of FORCE, which their would-be "Balaam" sold to them, then the two spirits of self-exaltation and self-justification would then entrench even deeper into each man who continued to buy this from their "Balaam", some even spending money for it!

And the FORCE view then went out further, as men struck out on their own, advocating this perverted view of supposed "Christian" Polygamy. Even some good men got mistakenly caught up in it too.

And as FORCE further advanced as the supposedly "acceptable" way of supposed "Christian" Polygamy, the tragedy of it all was that wives started leaving husbands.

Tragic indeed! Heartbreaking!

Talk about not yielding good fruits whereby it became easily seen that all of that was most definitely NOT "of God"!


As such tragedies continued to start heppening, the two spirits of self-exaltation and self-justification then came out with yet even further hard-heartedness with which to give self-justificaiton to the actions of these men as this carnage increased. Namely, they BLAMED THE WIVES as supposedly being "disobedient", only making the matters worse, and only further terrifying the wives all that much more!

Very heart-breaking and heart-aching indeed!

This all was, of course, also very disappointing too, because, in many of such men, these two false spirits were so strong in them by this point that there seemed to be little opportunity to be able to help the men (and their wives). The men stiffly refused to let go of their FORCE view that was so self-destroying their marriages. The two spirits of self-exaltation and self-justification had locked hard and strong in to these men, and would do everything they could to stay and not be cast out of these men.


None of this carnage was EVER at the heart of the beginnings of Christian Polygamy, at the beginnings of this Continuation of the Reformation.

But, as the excellent quote above so eloquently pointed out as being what happens in any reform, these FORCE advocates "carried to excess" the original reform of true Christian Polygamy unto such a perverting of the meaning of Christian Polygamy.

And that "excess" (as the quote puts it) yielded the fruits of their creating great carnage and disasters in their marriages and/or for others who were trying to copy them in the FORCE view.

As a result of such perverted and twisted "carrying away to excess", the LORD God, YHWH, had to reform even THAT ---again, exactly necessary as the excellent quote above pointed out!

Indeed, the "carrying to excess" of the original reform (of pure and unperverted Christian Polygamy) itself then needed reform. The original and pure form of Christian Polygamy had been perverted with the concept of what would then later come to be known as the FORCE view, and thus Christian Polygamy itself needed reform from such error of the FORCE view.

And that's what the awesome LORD God has done. Praise His Name for ever! Hallelujah!

At precisely the necessary and perfect time, the Lord brought a revelation of what would be later understood as being the "TRUTH BEARER Vision of love-not-force". This encapsulatied many deeply mature principles of what is thereafter referred to as "profound love", as being the depths to which men are to so profoundly love their wives as selflessly as Christ so loves the Churches (as per Ephesians 5:25), that by such selfless, giving, outward-flowing, edifiying, ministering love TO their wives, the husbands would actually be able to hepl their "first wives" actually joyfully, and freely without coercion, embrace the absolute Scripturality of Christian Polygamy (inits original, pure definition).

This "TRUTH BEARER Vision of love-not-force" was given, as the original reform in bringing true Christian Polygamy itself had been perverted as others had "carried to excess" and therewith laid "weak" claims to being "called of God" to FORCE polygamy (even though the fruits of their losses of wives testifies otherwise), having perverted the original reformation of restoring righteous Polygyny to sincere Christ-walking Christians with the perverted idea of FORCE polygamy.

As now, here in the present, as even the Founder looks back at the February 4, 1996 issue of The Standard Bearer (the particular month and issue which was published at the very same time in which one of the newspaper's readers was bringing the learned argumentations from the newspaper to the WWW for the first time), three amazing things about that issue back then can be seen, to which God alone be the glory for his precious love for us even in advance of our futures. Hallelujah!

The first amazing thing about it all is, it can be realized now that the TRUTH Tract in that issue, without the Founder's even realizing it at the time of writing it, had actually revealed and forewarned of the coming FORCE view to happen. And it also revealed the very means by which true Christians could discern that such unloving FORCE view was NOT a calling of God.

Second, what is also amazing about this is in regard to the title of that particular TRUTH Tract and of the rhetoric that the FORCE view would use to teach men how they can self-justify themselves if they want to use FORCE. Namely, the FORCE view (about which one part of the TRUTH Tract was forewarning) uses the seductively clever obvious *truth* about "OBEDIENCE" to God, about men having to "obey" God no matter what others think, even though their fruits and resulting carnage demonstrate that the supposed "calling" was not from God in the first place. That is, the FORCE view regularly uses a rhetoric about "OBEDIENCE" to God (when all the men are actually doing is CLAIMING they were supposedly "called" of God). And the title of that TRUTH Tract is called, "The TRUTH on OBEDIENCE IN LOVE, For a Sign". That is, the FORCE view focuses on purported claims of "OBEDIENCE" to God, but miss the "IN LOVE" part, all about which the TRUTH Tract foretells and forewarns! FORCE claims "OBEDIENCE", while the TRUTH Tract says that come will claim that but will be proven to NOT be "called" because it is not "obedience IN LOVE" which is for a sign as being a man of God.

Third, what's even most amazing of all is that it turns out that that was published that very same month when one of the newsaper's readers was bringing the learned original argumentations to the WWW for the first time: February 1996! (And the Founder did not even know that fact until that very reader himself showed the Founder the new one-month-old web-site that next month, in March, 1996!)

The Lord is so awesome in the wondrous and profound ways in which He does His own Will and blesses Hius children with seeing the ramifications of what He has done! Alleluia Hallelujah!

The Lord had actually already previously revealed that there would be a coming falsehood, later-to-be-known as the FORCE view, of men who would self-proclaiom to suposedly be "called" in this matter of Christian Polygamy, but their loveless fruits would show otherwise.

And with the later revelation of the TRUTH BEARER Vision of love-not-force, occurring later, in July 1999, YHWH indeed had then since brought reform of the "carrying to excess" which the FORCE view had perverted of the original reforming of bringing Christian Polygamy to sincere Christians.


And so, there can be no doubt. Any person can see this all from the history of the first "reform", the beginnings of Christian Polygamy, from the pre-online time when the Founder of was laying down the original useable argumentations to the masses in The Standard Bearer newspaper (even as many men around the world were also discovering the truth of Christian Polygamy from YHWH, while not yet knowing all the ways with which to put the USEABLE argumentations together just yet), to when one of the newspaper's readers brought those learned Scriptural exegeses to the WWW for the first time in February 1996, then to the advance of the perverted FORCE view as a supposed definition of "Christian" Polygamy, unto the new "reform" because of that "carrying to excess" of the FORCE view as the Lord then brought "reform" of that with giving for the good of us all in Christian Polygamy, the revelation of the TRUTH BEARER Vision of love-not-force.

Amen! The very history of the beginnings of the advance of modern Christian Polygamy demonstrated and confirms EXACTLY the very point of the excellent quote!

To wit, again,....

"Every reform, however necessary, will by weak minds be carried to an excess, that itself will need reforming."
Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834)

So very true!

Accordingly, as the ministry of takes action (as this quote and history instruct to so prepare) to then assure that even the "reform" of the Vision of love-not-force also not be "carried away to excess" itself, this above excellent quote is also important even still, as a forewarning, in the event that others might try to later pervert the actual meaning of this now-trademark kind of term of called "Love-Not-Force". If anyone tries to lay a "new" definition of it, or if anyone deliberate seeks to obfuscate or cause confusion about its actual meaning, people will have to first check such possible re-definition by what the ministry of has shown love-not-force as which to actually be defined.

Hence, toward that end, in protecting and preventing the actual definitions from being corrupted or mis-defined by yet further "weak minds" trying to undermine this "reform of the reform" (of the Continuing the Reformation!), this ministry, "officially" on April 01, 2001, has also established the additional web-site:"!

© January 13, 2001,
P.O. Box 765, O.O.B., ME 04064

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